My first Grow of marijuana


I still see lots of clear triches


Agreed on the nutes just give em pHed water from here till the final cut


Indeed, you definitely want to flush before you chop!


Lol or u will choke and almost puke and u may even have to spit in someone’s garbage can.


Do I flush with a flush product or just water I use Bush Doctor Sledge Hammer
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Either way. If you still have over a week to go, I’d run plain ph’d water


If you have it, sure. Otherwise you are fine with PH’d water. It won’t hurt.


Yes, if you have some Sledgehammer, use it. Makes it much easier to flush.


I have not used sledgehammer but a local grow buddy swears by it
If you have been using a nute regimen it is highly suggested to flush
I make my own nutes and grow in organic super soil I build so have not had too much experience in the way of flushing but local grow buddies using off the shelf nutes swear by it


New picture’s of the white widow

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Very nice! You’re doing a great job.


Looking good pal! :+1:


They’re fattening up it looks like.


Great job @Royc, you are going to have a really nice harvest. Be patient, it is very easy to jump the gun on your harvest. I thought that I was being very patient, checking trichomes, etc. and still I rushed by harvest by at least two weeks. My harvest was really good and big but could have been bigger and more potent with just a bit more patience on my part.


@Royc How far into flowering are your LADIES , they are so frosty , I think I can smell them from here in MA —They look absolutely beautiful , should be a good yield also !!!

Thank You for remembering me when tagging, I really appreciate it



Here is new pics of trichomes all pistols are brown and curled but trichomes are clear?

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@Royc take the trichome photos in natural light. Hard to determine amber from the blurple hues, but I think I’m seeing some amber in there. :v:


added pics to my post @MattyBear


I see lots of clear, she’s still got time.


Yup; but it’s time to start thinking about your finish.