My first Grow of marijuana

Normally I use 24/0 only during the seedling stage or when doing clones. I back off and actually use a 16/8 schedule during veg. Stretch occurs either with insufficient light as a seedling or at the point of transition to flower you will see a burst there. That can be reduced by a gradual reduction from veg time to flower time over a week or so. I also do this so I can better control my space.

You’ll figure it all out with your individual setup. Plus if you’re like most of us you’ll tinker with it to make it better too.


I have to keep telling myself that they just sprouted on 4/8-4/9 15-16 days old plenty of time to grow


I normally do 24 hrs first week to week 1/2 then drop to 18/6 keep your light close or you will have major stretching issues meaning 5in long string stem

@Hogmaster I have just the opposite of stretching they are very compact, the leaves at the stock and leaf junction are pushing down the leaves. put pics up and everyone said to raise the light to 18-20 inches above the plants…

White Widow Sprouted 4/8 and 4/9


@Royc your White Widow plants appear to be doing very well. My ILGM White Widow plants are very compact with very close node spacing. This seems to be fairly common with this strain.

You are in the right place to get help and advice when you need it.

A compact plant can be a boon for people like me that grow in a confined space. If you take a quick look at the beginning and end of my grow you will see what a short plant can produce. Strawberries In The Grow Box

I was disappointed at first that it did not get taller but in the long run I got 2.1 oz out of a little grow space. The plant was something like 14 inches tall and had over a dozen colas on it! My only mistake was not letting it grow more by moving the lights up. I had a small space to grow in and I was unsure of how much stretch I would get. Next time I grow SK, I will let the light stay higher and let her grow out more.

A short plant is not necessarily a bad thing ! Jerry


They look good to me with the new pictures they look normal to me

Okay they just looked compact compared to other photos I’ve seen here

i could take 2.1 ounces a plant 3 plants are mine so in the neighborhood of 6 ounces would be nice. just need 4 ounces till I can grow again…

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Raising you light was a great idea they will take off ! there fems correct?

thank you @merlin44 first grow 9 seeds cant lose any 4 aren’t mine but my buddies

@Hogmaster yes they are female photo’s

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So I see they are after 4-6 weeks of veg they will be nice and bushy they will triple in size when they go into flower I don’t see any reason you don’t get 4 oz off each they look nice and healthy but there size and date look right on

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@Hogmaster that’s great news never grew before, so, I don’t know what to expect…

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I would put them back on 18/6 or what ever you like! When you transplant them they will really take off they look ready to go in there final home ! They will explode

should I water before transplant or transplant dry

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I do them dry then water after :wink:

thanks: I’ll have to do it Friday supplies I need are coming in Thursday
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Thank you all for your advice and help


How many plants can I put in a 3x3x6 tent with a 3.5x3.5 light footprint veg and a 3x3 flower footprint approx.
I’d like to put five plants in 12 inch round fabric pots with a 2.5x2.5 footprint. is this feasible plan
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Number of plants you can fit will all depend on how long you veg them for and how big you want your plants to be. If you are gonna veg 6-8 weeks then you can fit 2-4 plants in there. You can have more plants that are smaller if you train them and veg for a shorter time

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