My First Grow. Northern x Critical. Feminized

So I just Transplanted outdoors into 5 gallons cloth containers with 3 Parts Happy frog to 1 part Ocean Floor, and a half part perlite. I used Myco during the transplant and watered the medium with about of quart of water per plant. it’s about 80 degrees out, cloudy and 59% humidity. The girls are about 24 days old at this point and haven’t shown any signs of problem thus far.
I have my PH meter Calibrated, and am waiting for my TDS meter to come in as well as my GH PH up and down kit. Unfortunately my tap water comes out at a PH of 9 so I will be using bottled water until I can adjust.


They look nice and healthy. Water about 2 inches from side of pot to let roots run for it.

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Looks good! I was having issues with my tap water for a bit because of construction in the area. Had to go to the water fill-up down the street and use that for a couple of weeks. A cheap RV hose filter helped.

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Good Morning :sun_with_face: Your plants are looking very happy and it sounds like you have a good start. :blush::v:

Grow seems to be going well but I see the leaves on the bottom begins to yellow a bit. Not sure what the deficiency is?
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PH water to 5.8
5ml of CalMag
using half strength big bloom at the moment

any idea what is causing the browning?
I feed water PH to 5.8-6.0. 5ml calmag, 3sp Big bloom per gallon, 1 tsp grow big per gallon.

Ph too low. should be 6.5 for soil. Your first few leaves are always wonky looking. You shouldn’t have to feed for about 5 weeks if in ff. keep an eye on ph in and runoff

Makes sense. I just fed her straight water ph’d to 6.8. The Runoff measures to 6.3. I will continue this regiment until her PH and PPM are in range. PPM is pretty high at 1147. I will continue to flush with water throughout the next couple of waterings.
Another issue I keep running into is windy conditions. I keep feeling the need to move them inside due to windy days reaching 15-20mph. I ordered some bamboo steaks too help. any other suggestions?

I’ll make a novice suggestion .Because I’m a novice. Don’t baby them . I’ve learned they like kids the more you do for them the less they will do for themselves later. Focus on roots . Everything else will follow . Give em a good footing in life . They will be okay.

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Small update.
Girls have bounced back. Doing much better. There was a light rain shower all day on Monday so I will plan to do a thorough watering tomorrow. days having been getting very warm, 90 degrees with 50-60 RH. Should I top these ladies or doing any other training?


Also. I have not used anything on the plants as a pest/ disease prevention. Should I? if so what?

It’s been a hot week. High 90s everyday.
I watered each plant to run off today. Roughly 2 quarts.
Tested each for PH abd TDS.
One plant had a tds of 501 and ph run off of 6.53. While the other was sitting at 1200 TDS and PH of 6.33 ( this plant was giving a small amount of super soil. Both plants were given water PHd to 6.81and no nutrients They are about 7 weeks old at this point.

Just topped one of my babies to see how she reacts and I also did some trimming of her lower extremities of suckers. There were a couple of yellow leaves but I believe that was due to nutrient burn coupled with heat stress abd underwatering. it’s in the 80s today, did a light watering of about 3 Cup per PH 6.6 with 5 ML Silica boost. Temps are starting to climb into the 90s by weeks end.
Edit. TDS was pretty high. 1200 :sweat_smile:

My Topped girl recovered very quick. 24 hours and the new nodes are on their way.

My babies have reached pre flower! woot!
Do I just start flowering nutes only now?

About to go on vacation for 12 days. Set up the blumat system for my 4 plants. week4 of flower with full dose FF Trio nutrients, silica and Calmag, in the tank. 5 gal res. Hopefully they will survive my trip. It rained for last last two days here so they should be good for awhile. Days are mid 70s to mid 80s, nights dropping into the mid 60s! sprayed with dead bug. added some support to help with the added bud weight! fingers crossed!

I just got back. They look great! My sister refilled the reservoir once in my absence which turned out to be the perfect amount. Medium was dry without dropping plants! They are starting to
put on some serious weight. Weather seems to be holding for the next week or two. Mid 70s during the day, to mid 50s at night! I expect to be harvesting by mid October baring frost doesn’t come first. it’s a race against time!

After 9 weeks of flower I gave her the axe! started to get some bud rot after 2 consecutive weeks where it rained 2 days each week… Happy with my yield though!