My first grow journal

How often should I be spraying down the leaves? @bob31

Only the first two weeks of the grow @Lenardt Unless you have a foliar nutrient.

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@bob31 what site can I get nutrients from?

@Lenardt welcome to the ILGM forum. Hope to see you around often. Which nutrients are you looking to buy specifically?

@Covertgrower I was looking for nutrients for my next grow. What nutrients would you prefer?

@Lenardt each person you ask, will give you a different answer.

Most popular is the Fox Farms Trio (not saying best, but probably most popular)
There is General Hydroponics
ILGMs Flower Power nutrients
And a lot of us are going to try, or are trying Nector For the Gods (free sample, only cost shipping, oregonsonly website) @Countryboyjvd1971 I belive could give you his thoughts on them

Those are what I see mentioned the most, which one you pick, only you can decide…

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Great answer @Ron330

I hear great things about the Flower Power Line.

I have used Fox Farms and GH Flora both with good results! I have the nectar for the next grow! @Lenardt

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@bob31 can u send me a link for website to order nutrients

Here are the flower power at ILGM

Quart trio fox farm

Quart GH Combo

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@Lenardt as a first time grower I used the fox farm nutrient line. I have considered nectar for the gods, and still am considering NFTG. Organic is the way to go, Im only skeptical when in flowering how the phosphorus numbers add up. Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 can help persuade me a bit more with how the flowering nutrients work? Not to clog @Lenardt ‘s thread. Maybe tag me somewhere.

Awesome! Thanks guys, first I’m going to go with the flower power packs for now and try something differnt next time. I paid for the flower power pack yesterday.


I put tin foil around the plant idk if this will help give it more light or not @bob31

Can you take a picture so I can see what you did? @Lenardt


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@bob31 here’s a pic of what I did

@Lenardt I used mylar on my last grow. There is potential to create hot spots with the reflection off of the foil. I didn’t have any issues with my grow but I had about a foot space all the way around.

All the experts recommend bright white as it reflect the light more evenly.

@bob31 I ordered some 1024 femenized seeds online. I want to grow this so it turns out good. Which kind of lights would be great to use. And what site can I get them from?

Sweet, those will get the job done! I don’t recall anyone on here growing those so you will be the first at least this year!

High THC and high CBD! Nice

Amazon or ebay are the two I use. I ws just talking lights on another thread and @dbrn32 recommended this one…


@bob31 I’m also planning on buying a grow tent for these 1024 fems along with the mars hydro grow light. So far I’ve ordered the seeds and fertilezer, I’m from Canada and was trying to find a site to buy that black magic soil.

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ok on the Canada maybe @Donaldj can help out with that, he’s from Canada too!