My first grow journal using ILGM seeds


Just put my seeds in some water for the night, then in some damp paper towels.

Will be growing
Gorilla glue
Blue dream
Mk ultra

Will be growen outside when big enough, photos at a later date.

Been looking forward to growing since the last harvest.


@Kiwiknight - Good Luck and Happy Growing !!! :heart_eyes: This so called “Hobby” can be quite addictive , I love GROWING :herb:



Good luck , we’ll be watching . @MBgrower Yup , I’m Hooked. !!!


Im watching as well. Quick question tho… outside? Isnt it a bit late in the season to be starting up?


It’s just starting to be spring where I am from, nice blue skies today :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Two of the three seed have a tail atm, just waiting for the gorilla glue


All have tails and now planted in pots ! Thanks ilgm for the great seeds!


Mk ultra sprout