My first grow journal! Not my first grow... Forest Fruits Autofem


Awesome. :+1:


It’s a day to rejoice brothers and sisters! Yes today is a day for celebration. Felicia is dead! Ding dong and soforth. Hucked in the yard like an empty beer can. She’s not coming back from this one. One down two to go…


Happens man. :rose: gone but soon forgetten. Lessons everywhere. Even in failure


Well, it’s over. I have hulked out in a fit of rage and murdered the last of my sickly autoflower plants. What a fiasco.

When I pulled the last survivor, who happened to be Roxanne, she had practically no roots coming from the plug. I had been waiting very patiently for such a long time, but I can see now that it was a good thing to cut my losses and start over with some plants that hopefully want to grow. It doesn’t look like those roots were ever going to reach the solution.

I have dropped one seed of the feminized waikiki queen in water. It’s an experiment again as I had always just put them in a rooting cube straight away, but this is how I’ve read other people do it. So here goes!

I still don’t really know what I did wrong this time, but I’ve never had this problem before so maybe it was just a fluke. The whole setup is going to get broken down and washed today in preparation for my new girl on the way. With luck this grow journal will actually have some growth again soon. I figure that once she gets big enough, I will take several clones and get the best four going in the box. After that last failure I don’t want to waste more than one of my precious seeds at a time.

Happy Labor Day! It’s my first two day weekend in several months.

Should I start a new journal in honor of the new plants, or should I just continue to update this one?


Some plants just need more care and feeding when you move them from your seedling station to your bigger net pots in DWC/RDWC. I’ve had a couple of them do that, and I just had one that got stem rot on me. As a result I always top feed until I visibly see roots in the water. Usually I leave them in my cloner until the roots are long enough to make it to the water in the bigger buckets.


It’s a new day! It’s a new plant! It’s the same grow journal. I hope someone enjoys the read.

Ladies and gentlemen… It is both my duty and one of my life’s greatest pleasures to introduce to you our next guest. Hailing from the depths of paradise itself, where every day is a blessing, and each night its own reward. This lady is no commoner. Give reverence if you will to the Waikiki Queen. Introducing, Delilah.

I don’t have the best camera ever, so I don’t know if you can tell from the picture or not, but this plant actually contains all of my hope for the future. All of my dreams for my life and that of my family. Indeed the welfare of this seedling may have life changing implications. But I digress.

It has been said, or at least I have heard it said that cleanliness is next to godliness. If that adage rings true then my hydro setup must be descendant of the fabled Annunaki. It took me a couple of hours but I have dismantled my entire setup and washed each bucket with antibacterial soap. The reservoir itself got bleached, along with the water hoses and the pump. The slate is clean. It’s a blank page. Preparations are complete.

This time is going to be different. Everything’s coming up Filthyhat.


Delilah is just beautifully perfect, and your journal a pleasure to read. Good luck with the grow.


An ABSOLUTE pleasure. Journals like this are why i love the site. Dude ull kill this. Nice clean up prep. And pretty lil lady. Lets get this show rolling!


Apparently the curse has not lifted. Delilah spent one night in the flower chamber. When i woke up I was greeted by crispy, canoe shaped leaves. The temp never exceeded 76f that night. I had put her in roughly one third strength gh nutes and nothing else.

I had the light about 38 inches from the top of the plant, but I did put it on full with both switches. I’m guessing it may be the light. Maybe I should rename that section of the box as the death chamber.

As it turns out after all that fanfare Delilah was only an imposter. She was not from Waikiki and never really queen at all. When I decided to start a couple more seeds I discovered that Delilah was in fact a purple power plant. Go figure. I am frequently stoned.

So I have soaked the last two of my purple power plant seeds and they are nestled comfortably in their rooting plugs now. Wish them luck.