My first grow journal! Not my first grow... Forest Fruits Autofem

It’s like Christmas day here! I have received many wonderful things in mulitple packages to help my ladies. God bless Amazon and its free two day shipping.

Warning: perching too close to the edge of your chair may result in falling off. I can barely handle the suspense myself, but I just got home from martial arts training and I’m gonna hit the showers. Don’t stray far, or you may miss out on seeing what approximately seventy hard earned dollars (or one work day, after taxes) could buy for your grow too. With pictures!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


Well cant leave me waiting much longer

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Two! Count them. One, two packages today, and my girls are gonna love me for it. (Cat, shoe and sock sold separately.)

Item number one on the block today is going to be airstones! That’s right folks imagine how your plant’s roots will giggle when tickled by the bubbles from these premium airstones. Each one measures in at 1.25 inches across with a depth of about one half inch. Happy roots make happy plants. Spoil your roots today with Air Stones!

Now air stones are nice but what hydroponic grow could be complete without…

Suction cups! These sleek black suction cups are designed to clamp onto multiple sizes of airline tubing, without crimping the line, or your style. Keep your air stones in place with suction cups!

Our next item for your viewing pleasure is being prepared as we speak. Even suction cups, in all their wonder can’t clamp an air stone down without Airline Tubing! No expense was spared in the procurement of this deep black airline tubing. From pump to stone, there’s no alternative for airline tubing.

But what about the nutes you ask! Well we’ve got that covered too. Does your plant have deficiences? Of course it does! Well look no further. If your deficiencies are deficient, maybe it’s time to pick up a bottle of…

Cal-Mag! You know I read about that stuff. Sounded like good stuff. Cal-Mag! Does anyone need it? Hell I don’t know!

But what I do know is this; If you’re growing pot in a tub of water, you have to be able to monitor the nutrient levels. Enter the cheap TDS meter…

The cheapest TDS meter actually. This one was like sixteen bucks, and got decent reviews. I figure it’s better than just reckoning on the nute levels.

Anyway that’s it. I’m super stoked to have gotten all of these things. My cheap air stones from the pet stores don’t seem to last very long before they clog so I’m hoping maybe the cheap air stones from Amazon will hold up a little longer.


Sure do love Amazon and that free 2 day shipping! Enjoying your journal and I will be following along your grow journey. Happy growing :v: oh and loved the box. Much nicer then my repurposed old shovel and rake storage box I’m currently using for a temporary home for my little ladies. Both autoflowers, northern lights and amnesia haze.

…no fancy second floor or anything but it works.


Hey thanks @greenjewels I put a lot of work into my stuff. That sure is some fancy light you’ve got in there! What kind is it?

I came home yesterday to find that I had accidentally left my light on blue all day. I don’t know how the plants really felt about that but they sure grew some!

I also spied an intruder in the flower chamber that has me concerned. I don’t know what kind of bug it is but it’s large gnat sized and black, and flies around real fast. I tried to kill it but like I said, it’s fast.

And the last, almost heartbreaking news. When I opened the veg room to check on my babies I found fuzzy grey mold. One of Roxanne’s baby leaves had turned brown halfway to the tip, and the mold was growing on the dead part. I hastily cut the moldy part away, but this morning Felicia had some on her too. I’m not sure what to do other than keep going but I sure don’t want to grow moldy plants. I’ll try to get some pics when I get home from work.

Here’s the other pic

That light is a viparspectra 300w ( 134 actual watts) it is a great light. Has its own timer Which comes in handy and I like the fact that I can control the amount of veg blues and Bloom reds independently. Once they start flowering I crank up the reds and add my mostly reds King LED 1200 watt ( actually 310) both from Amazon and add a couple small LED flood lights. Sorry to here about your fungus. As you probably saw in my journal I’ve had a recent loss due to fungus myself. Sounds like I should have sent that praying mantis your way to take care of that flying black bug you got. Good luck with the grow✌️

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This is awful! It’s downright sinister. I came home and as usual, I went straight to the cabinet to check on my wee ones. At first glance, things were looking good!

Roxanne shows no more signs of yellowing leaves, and no grey mold.

Felicia is still living up to her name, but she’s still hanging in there. This morning I had drained the overflow tray, and left the humidity dome off for about an hour before I went to work in an effort to dry things out a bit. I thought things were looking up. Then I found this…

You see that? On the lowest root on the right side. Damn my chinese phone/camera. IT’S MOLD! What do I do? I’m starting to think that the mold spores are already there, and I don’t know if there is a way to kill them without killing my babies or what.

Help! Can anyone help me? Can I even be helped? They’re too young to die! I really don’t want to be growing these plants for three months if all I’m going to end up with is a bunch of moldy pot and an empty bank account.

What do I do?

@Filthyhat I’d clean it up some and put it in a nice new home with very clean sheets. Maybe 5-7 gallon bed. Good luck. All this mold that I keep reading about is not good.

@Downsouth Yes it is transplant time very soon I hope. But what is going to happen to the mold when I put the girls in their rdwc buckets?

@Filthyhat Myself, I’d just clip off what’s needed to clean it up. I’ve bent, twisted, broken branches and cut bugs out of my plants and the damn things are doing great. It’s amazing what these plants will take and keep going. I just love it. I’ll post some pics one day. 9 weeks into my grow now. Starting preflower now. Admittedly I’ve abused some plants to see what they’d take. Haven’t lost any of my 7 yet. Do what you have to do. They will surprise you. But always give them your love.

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Well I suppose it’s time for an update. I got home last night and ran the new tubing, with the new air stones. The stones seem fine, they’re certainly putting out more bubbles than the previous clogged ones. I also shortened some water hoses and pushed the buckets as far under the light as I could. The burner gang is looking good!

These gals seem to get heftier every day. I love it! I really can’t wait to get the autoflowers in there and see how they do. The seedlings are looking OK as well considering the mold scare and everything else.

Roxanne is looking real good.

Felicia… Still Felicia.

So that’s the update! I squeezed most of the water out of the rooting plugs and have been allowing them to dry out quite a bit. The mold seems to be in remission. Just a couple of more days and I think that I will be ready to transplant! That’s when the real fun begins. My stash has run dry and I’m on the hunt, I can’t wait to be smoking my own weed again real soon :wink:

Sorry its been a few days. Forgot to set ur grow to watch. Done now. And on the mold. A mix of 1 part peroxide to 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Never done it myself but saw it a couple times around here. (I LOVE this site)

I love this forum too! I’m also a pretty big fan of your thumbnail.

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Thanks my friend. Everyone around here seems to like… her jersey as well :joy::joy::joy:

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She had a rough start, my little Felicia. But look at her now! I become the proud papa. :joy:
Why she’s just as cute as a button don’t you think? There was a time when we were afraid we might lose poor Felicia but she’s really turning around. Daddy loves his little girl!

Roxanne on the other hand is a ravishing fox! Hubba-hubba :star_struck: I’m gonna be beating the boys off with a stick when she comes of age. I think she’s getting impatient for the big move soon, but her sis isn’t ready yet. It’s gonna have to be in the next day or two either way. I’m off tomorrow so I may spend that time potting the bigger gals up and cleaning everything up for these little ladies.

Those plugs aren’t as wet as they look. But oh my word how could I almost forget… Their little sister!

This one hasn’t come up yet…

This is starting to get exciting! Man oh man. My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. Literally. Just like that song. :sunglasses:

On another exciting note, I got to order some more great stuff today! Well I hope it’s great stuff anyway I sure bought a bunch of it lol. I’m not telling what it is though you’ll have to wait and see :wink: Hopefully it won’t take too long. I’m super spoiled by that free two day shipping, but I couldn’t get it this time.

What a world we live in really when you think about it. It wasn’t that long ago when I was a kid, the internet didn’t exist and you had to allow four to six weeks for delivery. WEEKS! That’s after actually mailing in your check. Now I can order anything I want, from my “phone”, which is actually like the world’s most amazing supercomputer, and have it delivered within a few days or so. Next step; replicators.

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Good evening everyone! Life has been busy so I haven’t gotten a chance to update anything in a few days, and if I’m telling the truth, I didn’t really have anything to say. But today is a new day! Today is a day for an update. It’s that kind of day.

Big things going on with small plants. Small plants that keep getting bigger. I wouldn’t say no to them getting bigger faster, but these little ladies are growing. Stronger? I don’t really know. Not sure where that came from.

As always, Roxanne is the belle of the ball in her brown one piece from a well known designer. She somehow manages to look like a lady even while tapping her feet in frustration. She’s really chomping at the bit to get under that LED.

Felicia is looking stunning herself this evening, and she’s brought friends. I’ve chosen to believe that the green moss or whatever it is on her cube is nothing to be concerned about. If it is something I should be worried about, please let me know.

And here is our newest arrival. Fashionably late as ever, but exploding onto the scene with a presence and grace unmatched, everyone please put your hands together for Trinity. Watch out Roxanne, this girl might steal the show.

In other news, I had Sunday off so I took the opportunity to do a res change for the flower room. I went full strength Lucas formula on the nutes, with plain old tap water. These girls were apparently hungry! Overnight they blew up with new growth.

Now, the keen observer may notice something that has me a little curious. I seem to be having some curling of the leaf tips on the plants in here. I could really use some help determining what might be the problem. So far it is light, and the plants seem healthy but I know how quickly that can turn.

My pH has been bang on 5.8 for days now. I did go full strength on the nutes recently but the leaves were showing this sign even before then when I was running less than half strength nutes. I think I have the light far enough away, although I raised it some more today to try and refocus the footprint.

Any ideas from you growers with much more experience?


Nitrogen toxicity causes the leaf tips to curl down like that… I’m not a DWC grower so I’m gonna defer you to @Bogleg to see what he thinks with the amounts and all that :v:

Happy bday @MattyBear
I think it’s your bday as your anniversary has passed

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Thanks @Sirsmokes and happy belated birthday to you too!