My first grow journal. Northern Lights and Kalashnikova


It depends what you’re aiming for. The longer you let them go before flipping, the bigger they’ll be. I flipped on the 45th day of veg, which was after day 59 from sprout. That’s not what you have to do, but it worked for me. (I had four plants, and the yield ranged from 4.3 to 6.5 ounces per plant.). You’re getting close. And they’re going to grow a lot when you flip them to 12/12!


Wow wow 6 ounces… I dont hope for more that 30-50g and that would last me ages anyway … Would not have to buy in pubs hahaha . :slight_smile:



Russian girl (Kalashnikova) is waaaaay bushier than the Norway chick (Northern Lights). In fact it’s sooooo bushy that the light cannot get to the lower parts of the plant. I’ve tried to tuck somr of the big fan leaves under but there is so many of them. I feel like i should trim them but i dont want to hurt her… Both around 11 inches


You could trim some of those lower leaves and be just fine. Trim just the leaves though, and not stalks, if they are growing upward.


Sorry for late reply. You can flip anytime, but bigger plant will definitely produce more.


Looking great. You’re going to be really happy when the harvest day come. Your doing really well so far.


Guys thank you for the advices… :slight_smile:


Don’t forget they will double in size or more your going to need some head space


thats about the current space… Now both around 13 inches


Looks awesome :wink:


Thank you.


Did you get your pH pen and ppm meter?


I did. All seems fine. I also got rhino pro but even though they are not in flower i can smell them. It’s tbe door that is not perfectly closing… Wrrrrrr



i will be flipping very soon. Maybe in a week or 2. :slight_smile: happy 51day birthday


Nice. I flipped mine at 50 days and it was glorious. Now the fun starts! I would take a few minutes and check for light leaks. I would hate to see them hermie on you after all the hard work.


They will smell more. Hope you don’t have asshole neighbors lol


I did check for leaks as i dont want to cry later :)you can see tiny line of light from outside but from inside when it’s darak it’s completely dark as i stood there for few minutes… ph is around 6.5 ( water in tap here is good to drink 60ppm). In regards to the neighbours :slight_smile: they were busted month ago so no one in dirext connection to the house. But is it that smelly??? What about my son?? I dont want to go to jail coz my 9year old son will say something hahaha. The filter is rhino pro so it should be good… Just the door


Did you put them in the dark for 48h? Or went 12/12 right away @Familyman?