My First Grow Journal Gold Leaf + Skywalker OG

Spring 2021! This is my first grow journal!! I am a first timer, new to the legal lifestyle and wanted to share some pictures and get some advice on learning the ins and outs of this awesome flower!


14 March, seeds in PH 6.0 water placed on heating pad …it was a little chilly last frost in a week.

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16 March - First Tap root starting to bust out, time to get these seeds into their sleeping bag.

16 March - Using two moistened paper towels…Oh first I used the ph 6.0 water with a dash of Rapidstart. This grow is 4 ladies two Gold Leafs and two Skywalker OG, separated them into their respective pouches and placed them in a nice dark cabinet drawer.

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18 March - We’ve got Roots, Rock Reggae!! Tap roots out on all 4!

18 March - In their pots! Since these are auto I’m putting them in their final pots. 3 Gallon cloth pots. Soil is a 60/40 FoxFarm Ocean Forrest/Happy Frog with some added perlite for fun. There hostel is a 2x2 with a cheap led grow from the local hardware supply.


Nice start. Now the fun begins.


Welcome to the community !

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So I started with a couple local sourced lights. It was fun and all but not the results i was looking for.I am newbie and the first thing ilgm schooled me on is lights lights lights! I went with hlg because that is what they recommend.

Very interested n seeing your grow, hope u don’t mind me tagging along. I currently have Skywalker OG going on n my garden n man it’s pitching me fits. Got some OG Kush, Banana Kush, WW, n some SS, along with the SW. The SW just isn’t cooperating like the others, it really has me scratching my head. So I’m hoping to learn a little something, something if u don’t mind…:pray::v::v::alien:


If your looking for info. Your in the right place. If your just looking for bud pics to compare to yours. Your in the right place. Hey guess what. Your in the right place. Welcome.


20 March - I missed ONE day and no pictures of the girls breaking soil :sob: Oh well 4 seeds , 4 taps = 4 sprouts!!

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And we are off to the races!! A lot has happened in what 4 weeks!! We are a week into veg, got off to a late start because I had to breakdown and move my tent. The Girls have moved out of the nursery 2x2 and into the 4x3. What have I discovered thus far? Well the 60w light that was in the nursery was underpowered and caused some stretching, also I set the passive intake on the left side of the 2x2 and the plants on that side definitely benefited. So for a recap the red tabs are the Skywalkers (Siths both of them…well Talzin on the left is evil) and the green tabs are the Gold Leaf (I’ve decided on Dorothy and Blanche, Dorothy is the leggy gal). First week under the Vipraspectra 450w going to start adding Cal Mag to their water. Training has begun!!

Talzin and Dorothy in the Nursery

The ladies on the left are benefiting from fresher air I suspect