My first grow journal Gold Leaf feminized

Day 19 for Goldie and Strawberry Cough day 12 for Trainwreck we’re getting there slowly but surely. Watered with EM1 and Goldie and strawberry got their first dose of nutrients yesterday. Used Fox Farms Big Bloom liquid plant food three teaspoons per gallon. I used half the recommended dose to see how they respond they seem to enjoy it as their leaves were all praying to the sun this morning when I woke up. Temperature stays as normal at 70 to 73 degrees and the humidity is at a constant 50 to 60 percent.15609742129425678214117431963291|666x500

They’re really growing now…good job :wink:

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Looking good! :+1:

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Thanks all… day 22 Goldie and strawberry cough. Trainwreck hit some problems. Had to transplant even though way early because it seemed like it was getting root rot… it was originally pushed way down to the bottom of the soil so it it didn’t get to the top four oxygen and sunlight in a timely manner. When it did Sprout its leaves are already Brown at the tip and looks dried out. I don’t know what to do it looks like it’s dying I don’t think it will make it but I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience. I transplanted it and tried to clean off the roots sum gave fresh new soil and just regular pH distilled RO water. Overall happy with Goldie and strawberry. Tested their nitrogen and it was a little depleted so I started giving it fox farm big bloom liquid plant food nutes big bloom at half strength. 3tsp per gallon …0 .5 .7… because of its bat guano… then added some activated organic compost and earth worm castings top dressing. Watered 1 gallon per plant. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for a good grow. 18 hours light…ph at 6.8 …73 degrees farenheit and 55% rh.

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I’m out of likes for a few hours, but they look good. I think the Trainwreck will pull through. There’s a lot of green there still, and she’s upright, both good signs! Keep doing what you’re doing :+1:

Does your pH tend to drift down? I’d water right at 6.5 unless you’re compensating for it being out of range.

Thanks for the positive vibes… yeah my ph usually runs between 6.5 and 7. That’s the soil. The water run- off is more alkaline at a watering but for some reason the soil tests like you said at lower levels after a few days almost like a drift. What’s up with that?

Could be any number of things, but probably something to do with what you’re feeding vs. what the plants are eating vs. what they aren’t. Usually in soil, the pH will swing up as the nutrients build up. Maybe it’s the amount of mulch/wood in the mix. :man_shrugging:

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Tested ph today all were at 7 for run- off as well as soil… perfect time to add silica. Did 1/2 tsp to gallon of water and divided gallon amount 3 plants. True organic silica gold. … did a tiny foliar spray and then the rest was soil treatment. Tested ph afterwards and it’s at 6.8 in the soil… they seem to love it.

Going to veg for around 9 weeks and move to tent… tent is currently being used by 3 California dream strains in 2nd week of flower so my Goldie, strawberry, and train are waiting until the tent is open and available

Day 26 and the girls are coming along nicely still pretty wet so I’m going to give them until Saturday or Sunday to water and give next set of nutrients also happy to see that Trainwreck is fighting for her life in fact she might even be flourishing except that there’s been no new or vertical growth other than just green and happy looking. Any suggestions?

Heck yeah! I knew she’d make it. Her yellowing cotyledons are letting you know she’s going to be hungry soon. I’d feed 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrients, but still only maybe a pint or so at a time in a ring around her, get her roots to stretch out to get it. You could also add a little soil, and bury her stem up to just below where those leaves start.

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here’s why my Goldie locks is patiently waiting her turn in the magic tent… posted just forshits

Thanks hon.
Maybe I’m overreacting and being paranoid but it seems like a long time for her to not show any new growth or stretch… Thanks for all of the advice and help. Do you think it’s too soon to give her nutes she has been through so much and has been at this point for close to a month now or so

Let me back up. My head is in coco mode, feeding my veggies earlier lol

What type of soil is it?

Fox Farms ocean Forest

Like I said I didn’t even want to transplant her but she would have died for sure if I would have kept her in her cup

In that case, she won’t need anything for quite a while. Once you’re watering to runoff (not for a while yet) you’ll be able to monitor the PPM and go by that, as far as when to start feeding. The slow growth you’re seeing is pretty typical of a small seedling in a large container. She’s filling in the roots below, then you’ll see her take off.

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Also if it helps with the advice I do an organic regimen usually for my feedings Etc

That actually makes total sense. Thank you I feel much better now for real…:heart_eyes: