My first grow is upon me (support ticket inside)


Received my beans today WW autos , 3 into water tonight for a soaking . Set up I’ll be using is.
3x3x5 tent
360 led
DWC buckets
4 inch exhaust fan with filter
Recirculating fan
Lets see how this goes . I’ll try to keep current with progress.


Good luck my friend. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve said this before. With the wealth of knowledge and experience our forum holds, growing good quality buds is a matter of asking questions and following directions. Happy growing!


Welcome to the forums @retroegg! Looks like you have a decent setup there. I’ve never done DWC but I look forward to watching your grow! One thing I may suggest if you haven’t already decided is doing a ScrOG. You might run out of space in that size tent.

Looking forward to seeing you around. Stop by the garden if you enjoy good old fashioned banter.


Welcome @retroegg. I am a hydro grower. Only on my second grow but I have made a lot of mistakes so feel free to tag me if you have any questions - I might have dealt with it already.

I see you have an exhaust fan - do you have an intake fan as well?

What size are your buckets?


Welcome. I found that five feet does not leave a lot of space between plant and light. How tall are the buckets? You have plenty of time to address that, but t is something to think about. Serious training, or find a way to raise light a bit.


4 inch intake and out , starting with 3.5 buckets . It will be a learning curve for certain. Just popping beans at the moment.


@retroegg welcome to the sand box
Im a soil guy but will assist if need even if its just hooking you up with the right peeps
Happy growing :v:️CB


Welcome, and best of luck with your grow!


Sounds like your going to have a good grow my friend good luck :wink:


Start thinking now about how (if needed) you might switch to bigger buckets. :wink:


Welcome the forum @retroegg! We all want you to be successful, so be sure to mention us if you have questions. Happy growing!


Welcome to forum. Lots of excellent growers & everyone wants you to succeed! Remember only stupid question is the one not asked.
Happy Growing :herb:


Just a brief update, 2 of the 3 beans are showing signs of life. Fingers crossed for now. The next few days will tell their tale .


Searching for the answers, babies are about 5 days old showing a little yellowing adjusted ph to 5.8 ish (using a meter) no nuts yet but under 24 hr light currently WW autos temps at 80 humidity @ 40 . Just trying to stay on top of things . Thoughts on 20/4 lighting instead of 24 ? Ph was a little off at 6.5 . Figure 1/25 strength nuts in 5 days if the kids start looking better . Also roots are single in small net basket and multi in large basket. I’m noobie so any advice is much appreciated this is a DWC setup . Thanks in advance @SilentHippie @Covertgrower @Tr33 @Tylan


Just make sure you have an air gap between the net basket and the water,if not the stalk and medium will stay too moist and cause dampening off. And kill the babies.
Welcome and good luck canna-bro
Also everything need some rest. 20-4 is fine and you could drop it to 18/6 to save a Lil more on power. The most growth happens in the dark!


About 2.5 gap at the moment thanks


I have not done a DWC grow yet, but in soil I go full 24 for the first few days, then drop down to 20/4 and then drop that down a bit more as I go.


Thank you I’ve read 24 and 20/4 . Just trying to get a decent result for my first attempt


@retroegg the autos don’t mind the light schedule, as long as they get a few hours of rest in the dark.


I have been wondering something; when the auto’s are getting their nightly rest, how important is the degree of darkness?