My first grow indoors

Hi just to say thanks for all your grow guides & forums as this has led to my first indoor grow & harvest very happy my first results. 1 White widow grown under 250 hid grow light & flowered under 400 hps. Grow tent .5 .5 1.2m 725 grams wet 6.5 ounces dry.


Very nice indeed,I think it would be Great if you chimed in and let others know what you did to achieve these results or maybe share with others who are having difficulty with their first grow, just a thought, thanks for the pics.


Damn!!! :+1:

Very very nice

Super nice job :+1:

Cheers will do still learning but will post what I used in the grow if it will help others more than happy to share,
sharing is caring .


Cheers .::grinning:

Cheers mate:smile:

Cheers mate ,looking forward to my next grow,Damnesia.:sweat_smile:

Mantas is rockin’ a country, an island and a continent!

I see @mantas has the colas lassoed up their so damn tall and big!! You did a great job sir, please post the adventure of your harvest! We love this kind of stuff

Ha Yeah a bit of rope work required got a bit out of hand but nothing like a bit of string ta fix things.Cheers.

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Did u scrog this plant? What nutrient line did you use? Was it soil or hydro? I can’t see the pot/bucket she was in, in your pictures lol

That’s some nice looking bud mantas! I placed the topic in the Grow Journal section.

Sorry this might be a long description but here goes .No scrog as grow tent is only 90cm by 90cm by 120cm tall so just tied string to hold up.I used a fertilser called yates thrive all purpose soluble fertiliser for veg & yates thrive flower & fruit soluble fertiliser for flower .I used a mix of coco & a potting mix 50/50 in a 10 litre grow pot .The potting mix is called martins organic seedling & cutting mix awesome stuff for seedlings as I found other potting mixes are too lumpy & thick.Started with martins seedling mix for germination in a 250mm pot under 110watt T5 light for 18hr- 6hr grow cycle feeding after 2 weeks at 180ppm & ph 6.3 once a week topping plant at 5 nod then topping on a regular basis Then transferred to a 5 liter pot placed under 220 watt T5 for 2 weeks feeding once a week at 300ppm ph 6.3.Then placed under a 250 watt HID light for 3. weeks feeding at 500-600ppm once a week.Then transferred to a 10 liter grow pot & placed under a 400 watt HPS for a 12hr-12hr cycle for flowering 1 week before flowering I stop topping.Feeding once a week at 1200ppm PH-6.3 and I should have stated flushing every 3 weeks in veg & flower.10 days before harvest flushed & no feeding again sorry if this is to long and not that informed but doing my best .Cheers Mantas

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Awesome looking buds mantas! Im surprised you got such good results with yates, I’ve checked out the ingredients and wasn’t a fan at all but you’ve done a great job and just goes to show, you don’t need top grade fertilisers too grow top grade buds!

Cheers I have a part a & b grow liquid but opted for what I use outdoors risky but hey stick with what works.

Thanks much appriciated:smile:

Thanks mate gives me inspiration for my next grow Cheers.:sweat_smile:

But you’ll still have at least one or two grows left for outside in this season won’t you?
I know what that’s like. That is a cool thing to have.