My first grow in doors


@dbrn32 @GrowGorilla this is my mates grow nearly ready :heart_eyes: @GreenCoat


I bet it smells amazing

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I wish I could smell it he lives 100 miles away lol but I will be trying the finished product tho yumyum


5 og kush 5 critical mass


Man that makes me want to do an indoor grow

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well theres pros n cons to it we have to as we in England hes doing hydro on his 5 grow now


you can manipulate the conditions to ur satisfaction

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Yeah, I’m doing my first full grow indoors this grow, but it’ll just be one plant. I have a good bit of land so Ive always done outdoor grows:p

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very nice I wish I had some land lol . are you going for a one pound plant ye ?


That’s the plan, I have about 5 different strains going and some are smaller plants that probably won’t get me that much.


I see ive found out my led light isnt powerful enough so I think ill have to swap it before it gets to flowering stage or im only gona end up with 35-75g dry from 4 plants whats the deal with lights saying there 600w but its actually 70 I dont get it?


update 2 days after last pics coming lil girls coming along nicely can see the nutrients are starting to work :grin:

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@dbrn32 can I run my led and a clf for flowering ?


Don’t see why you couldn’t? If they fit and don’t throw your temps off should be ok.

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ok thanks I think ill give it a go ill get 450w clf with 70w led running before flowering n regulate temp

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From what I take about the lights only giving you a percentage of what the wattage actually is, is mostly due to trying to extend the life span of the lights. For example, I just bought a light that says it’s 1500 watts, I’m hoping to get around 260 out if it:/. For what I’m doing that’s all I need right now. @dbrn32 correct me if I’m wrong on that:p

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There’s no standard, they pretty much make up whatever as they go. Some try to say that because all of their light is within McCree curve their 200 watt light is equivalent to something much bigger in hps bulb, not true. Others will tell you that that they use 3v LEDs with a max current of 3amps, making them 10 watt LEDs. And because there’s 150 of them in the fixture it’s a 1500 watt light. In reality the drive current is 700ma and the power consumption is about 2 watts per diode making it about a 300 watt light.


@GreenCoat @dbrn32 @GrowGorilla hiya guys been few days since been on here everything coming along nicely a do have two concerns tho I topped my girls other day and getting new growth good! but on one plant were new growth is I think it is showing signs of a mag deficiency cant up load pics at mo for some reason shall I get some cal mag

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Just add a little to each feed. Dont rely 100% on the nutes themselves. I found my grow got better when I combined my own nutes and grinding them right down to be soluble. All different brands just the best of each brand. Synthetic nutes are just made because they are convenient. Not any better combining them yourself


You can really have a tailor made mix that can be refined to a fine art. I dont think you can do that with synthetics