My first grow in doors


very true I have lots of patients lol im making a 2m long scale model of the tower bridge of London out of match plus I love marijuana the dedication is definitely there


I now no my light hasnt got what it takes but would it make a difference if I keep the light closer to canopy ?


Maybe a little. You can’t go too low or you’ll lose coverage.


ok cool ive been told to go clf dual spec cheap to run and don’t run that hot but stuck fir cash for a month would that be to late to swap u think?


I wouldn’t mess with cfl’s. They will grow, but not a step in the right direction.


ok sorry forgive my incompetence but y is that ?


Because the efficacy on them is terrible.


Right so hps is the way to go then lol


It gets complicated… Hps can lead to heat issues.


ok would would be the best light for a closet grow for 4 plants u think ?


Good LEDs can make hps look like cfl’s, you’re just not going to get them cheap.


ok nice one thanks for all the advice @dbrn32 :grin:


If your going to grow for a while. Save up a little now and get half decent stuff.


yes mate thats my plan this my first see how it plans out get as much advice as possible and progress from that :yum:


Tomorrow’s maccman will thank today’s maccman :laughing:

Just so you know I dont really pull emoji faces after everything I say :crazy_face:


lol thats funny its 4 am here im gona have to go sleep until tomorrow @GreenCoat :v:


If all goes well for you mate you can enter the bud of the month comp when your all done


what do yoy have to do to enter take pictures of the finshed product after harvest or of the plant before harvest ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: