My first grow in doors


If you spend more money lights I wouldn’t spend it on another one of those. Most of the growers using them usually end up with about .5-.75 grams per watt. It’s a 70 watt light, so figure about 35-55 grams give or take. Running multiple plants may help a little, but it’s not going to be a game changer.

With small lights like that you should be sure to keep your canopy under control too. Plants can over grow the lights pretty easily.


ok well I was gona top them soon if I can get 2 oz per plant for first crop ill be happy but next one I want the max 5 oz per plant so led not the best way I done it on a buget hole setup plus nutrients soil everything £250


LEDs can be very good, you just don’t get them cheap. I’d be surprised if you got 2 ounces per plant, but nothing wrong with trying.


ok im gettin nervous now lol the idea was to keep me in smoke till next one … well this is the exact reason I joined this site I take my hat off to u mate thanks I also have a straggler it looks ok but its not as big as other three


That happens, I wouldn’t worry to much if she looks healthy. I’m not sure how much you smoke, but even really good lighting in 2’x2.5’ space you’d probably be looking at roughly 8 ounces dry give or take. Four plants 5 ounces per plant would be more in line with what I would expect out of a 4’x4’ space in hands of experienced grower with solid equipment.

Not trying to discourage you, just suggesting to have reasonable expectations. It takes a lot of energy to grow weed indoors.


ill take any advice I can I dont smoke that much mabey 5-7 g a week but wanted to support my dad aswell the thing is I need to be discreet as poss got kids thays y im using closet otherwise id use a tent what light would u use for the space I have to get best yield possible?


If you want a light on a tight budget check out hlg you can probably get one of their smaller lights for that space that will vastly outperform the one you have


Or get @dbrn32 to coach you through a diy build that will grow you lbs


I’m not sure what you have access to over there, but diyleduk is a custom light builder. He can build you a very good light, or get you the components to build yourself. Best bang for your buck right there.


ok cool ill have a look at that thanks im pritty good a diy so if I order all the components from diyleduk I take it there will be some instructions lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No, but I can help you with that.


dbrn32 is the diy lighting master he can guide you through almost any build you need


just had a quick browse most of the boards are too big for the room I have I think for the next crop I have some thinking to do. Maybe I can get a tent to join to my current closet and just take the doors off it lol I really do appreciate all ur advice @Freakish2667 @dbrn32


If boards to big then it’s off to diy light thread to hunt strips or cobs and a driver to run them and make something to fit your space that will do what you need


They’re not too big


ok ive come to the conclusion over taking the doors off my closest and make another wardrobe coming out making one big walk in wardrobe I can do that no problem but that will be my next project I think get my first over with as a test lol :disappointed_relieved:


Solid plan


@maccman sorry man I’m actually learning about lighting indoors right now. @dbrn32 - he’s been giving me advice as well so he’s definitely more knowledgeable than me on that aspect. Are you planning on doing your entire grow inside?


ye I cant do outside I live in a house ontop of a house lol no garden plus British wearther not great lol


Trick is to take step by step and give some thought before moving too fast otherwise you’ll be going backwards and spending more money.

But sometimes you need to make mistakes before things make sense.

It’s a passion it’s a learning experience and it’s a lot of fun just take it as it comes