My first grow in doors

hello I am opening a new topic as I am a first time grower and could do with any advice I will post my progress tomorrow


Let’s hear some specifics, strain, indoor or outdoor, growing medium, ect… it’s kinda hard to give much advice without knowing what your goal is:p


Ph and tds meter a must have if you dont have already


Looking forward to your new journal


hello people @anon46981397 I have all the essential equipment ie ph meter ec meter fans carbon filter and all that its going well but I have one straggler and cant work out y

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@dbrn32 here are my light specs this light is in a 65cm x 75cm closet with 4 plants I dont know how the hole calculating work can u help 600W Grow Light Specifications:

Maximum LED power: 600W

LED Quantity: 60PCS exclusive 10W Double Chips LED

Actual Power: about 70W±10% power, much better than the same product in market

Spectrum: 450-460nm(12pcs) / 620-630nm(30pcs) / 660nm(8pcs) / white 7500k(8pcs) / IR730-740nm(1pcs) / UV380nm(1pcs)

Input voltage:AC 85-265V

Working Current:750mA

Working Temperature: -20 to 40℃

Coverage Area 2.52ft for Veg, 21.5ft for flower

Decibel of the light About 50-60DB

View Angle of LED 90/120 degree Mixed

Lifespan 50000hours

Size: 31 X 21 X 6 CM


@GreenCoat @GrowGorilla

Very healthy start :wink::+1:

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@GreenCoat it is looking great ill up load the hole pic of my closest u will spot on straggler its puzzling me give me five . aslo I think I transplanted to soon bout 6 days ago but no probs as yet the straggler was like that from start

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What would you like to know? Its probably smaller than I would use for that space, but would depend a lot on what kind of goals you have.

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ok I want maximum yield and as potent as possible but im thinking I may need another light ? im trying to upload my hole setup but its sayin im low on memory and clues?

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@dbrn32 plus are you able to calculate what my rough yield will be from the info or do u need some more

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thanks im trying to upload more pics of my hole setup but the site says im out of memory whats that bout ?

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I would be guessing, but maybe couple ounces dry? There’s a lot of variables so it’s hard to say for sure, could easily be more or less. If you’re looking to maximize yield I would probably consider a bigger light.


ok would that be per plant ? and also am I to late to invest in another light the same as one I got and have two . it wont let me up load any more pics sayin im low on memory do u have any idea y ?

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Max yield without huge budget = diy lighting time


Probably your phone is out of storage space cant hold photos or your too new to site to post multiple pics may take a few days of reading to get your level up.


Storage is probably an issue on your end, I can upload fine.

So you have two of those lights to run in that space?

no only one but if its not to late can get another one was only £50 or would it be best to wait till next crop and see how this one goes as a comparison?

right I see I deleted most pics on my phone and still says the same so mabey ur right coz im new