My first grow. How am I doing?

Here is my girl. My first grow. Og god bud. 4 weeks into flower under a 1000 watt led. Does she look on track?


Looks good and healthy to me, but would get a better idea in normal light

I’m working on lighting to get a better picture now.

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Shut down the light a take a picture with flash camera, you can try ! :wink: !


Just did that and added to the original post. @HornHead Hows that look?

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Yessum, looking good

Looks very nice!

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Just want to make sure she is where she should be for amount of time into the grow. First grow jitters… is my light gonna work ok? Is it to hot. To cold… humidity… :crazy_face: So yeah, just wanted someone with experience to give their opinion. Plus I’m about to upgrade my lights, still trying to decide which route to take. Stick with led, and get better than what I have. Or switch to different lights. Decisions… decisions… lol


If you’re looking to invest in new lighting I would highly recommend a quantum board. I’ve seen amazing results with my grow.

It looks like you’ve got everything under control, your next grow will be much less stressful. :wink:


I’ve looked into the quantum boards. But what I have found is a bit out of my price range right now. I would love to build one. :building_construction:


If you have access to some aluminum plate stock for cheap, look at building one out of strips. That’s what I did and it is comparable performance to a QB for less outlay of $$.

It might behoove you to get current on what is available: MH/HPS, LEC, LED etc. If heat is an issue then the LED’s are the way to go. Also; there’s “throwing good money after bad” with LED’s: I ditched $700 worth of lights to get GOOD lights. An expensive lesson.


I’m interested in hearing more about your lights and the process of putting them together. That’s all I have been doing for weeks, is reading about all types of lighting. I want to stick with Led I think. Just trying to figure out most economical way to upgrade, while keeping a good grow going.


Let me tag you into my journal and you can scroll to the build. It might be easier than finding it buried in the middle of the diy thread.

I got instruction from @dbrn32 and all I had to do was execute the design to fit my space. Built 3, 240 watt peak 3,000K fixtures using gen 1 Bridgelux EB strips. This was in replacement for almost 1,500 watts of Amazon LED’s. Plug watts. I actually only run them at 200 watts per panel and love em. My electric bill went down $60 the first month.



If you don’t mind jumping into diy world, your money will go a lot further. I’m sure there’s at least a dozen members here now with various sized strip builds. Like @Myfriendis410 pointed out, if you can get some aluminum to work without spending a lot could be pretty cheap.

I did a pretty detailed build using small strips. You’d probably want something bigger, but process would be about the same. I’ll tag you into the thread.


You at it again? You’ve helped everyone in the forum build a light by now. :muscle: he helped me also. Best around so take that advice bruh.

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@blackthumbbetty how does she look? I think she looks pretty good, considering the cheap light I’m using.

Yea that girl looks lovely man. N ive yet to DIY but im sold as well. U can see almost immediate difference in the girls. Only downside of going that route is you better have good space n sufficient food for her :wink::rofl: