My First Grow-Harvest Time

First off, I would like to thank ILGM, everything about this site has been beneficial to my first grow. That said, this was my first grow and it was quite a learning experience. And despite all the reading and videos I watched, there were several thing I realized I needed after the fact. I can’t really complain, this grow has gone very well.

The basics-

4X4 MarsHydro grow tent
2- 300 watt 4 foot MARS HYDRO TSL 2000W
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan
RO Buddy reverse osmosis unit
Good Earth garden soil (I call it super soil, everything I’ve grown with it has flourished. Right now we have cucumbers the size of large zucchini in our outdoor garden)
A couple of fans for airflow
ILGM fertilizer

The Plants (all autoflower)

3 Banana Kush in 5-gallon fabric containers
4 AK-47 in 3 gallon fabric containers
5 Gorilla Glue in 3 gallon fabric containers

The Grow

I planted the banana kush on 4/29. I messed up for the first two weeks, they weren’t given enough light, luckily it didn’t cost anything more than waiting a little longer for them to finish up. I planted the AK-47 and gorilla glue 3 weeks later and right now 10 of the plants are on their third day in the dark. One banana kush and one AK-47 have been cut, trimmed and dried and are currently curing.

From the banana kush (smallest of the 3) we ended up with 1.5 oz and the AK-47 (which flowered fast, but then just stopped growing) we got a little over 1 oz.

My wife and I will be trimming and hanging the rest of the plants today and I am very excited, because a few of these girls produced some thick ass buds.

I already have my next grow planned. Super Silver haze, which I’m going to grow in the 4X4 tent, I’m going use a SCROG set up. And in the 2X4 tent I’m going to grow some Super Lemon Haze (autoflower) using the SOG method.

Some Pics


Did not realize how long it would take to trim & hang 10 plants. This might end up being a two day affair.


Labor of love! Good work! You look very pleased in the picture.

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Oh yeah, my wife was quite pleased to trimming our first plant.

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Got 6 out 10 plants done, well actually, 5 plants. One of the gorilla glue, the one with like a 4 inch thick, 10 inch long bud was rotted. My wife was trimming it and noticed it was brown throughout the inside. The rest of the buds were fine, but I wasn’t willing to chance it, so I tossed it :frowning: