My first grow/grow journal Sammys

Exhaust fan tubing is less than 8 feet maybe, if anything I can purchase a 6 inch later down the line. No carbon filter attached at the moment and yes the intake is currently the only one open, the one in the back is open as well but not a lot of air coming in

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Any more ports out in the open on the tent that can be opened? Maybe open a couple more if possible & run some duct(s) from right off of the a/c cold air output, & have them dump near the open passive intakes. You might be able to avoid running an intake fan that way, & that would also let the exhaust fan move more air, if it wants more intake area. If you can open enough ports to where the tent stops ‘sucking in’, you’ve gone too far & you want to start closing the intake back up a little until you get a little suction to keep the smell in & to keep up the velocity through the passive intakes.

Personally I’d keep the humidifier in the tent on a controller, but maybe that doesn’t work for you.

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I think what @Sammys is up against with the humidifier in the small tent is the same problem that I had.
Most modern small humidifiers push out a fine water mist. They are usually placed in a dry room and the mist will evaporate quickly into the room air. When the same humidifier is in a location that is already above say 60% rh. The mist will be slow to evaporate, (Since the air is already fairly saturated), and the mist collects on the leaves and changes the transpiration.
This gives the plant the same droopy look as overwatering.
@PhotoFinisH, Do you think that your leaf temperature offset VPD technique would catch this? As I am thinking through the dry bulb vs wet bulb, not sure. I would think that the mist collected on the leaf would have some type of evaporative cooling effect on it. But not sure how one would measure this?


Lookin better!
Just curious about: how many watts of light you’re pushing and how far from the plant. And with the ac-4 what is your typical fan speed?

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Update, she’s perked up as ever today.


For my inline fan if it’s the ideal climate it sits at one, if it’s not it’ll go to around 6-8 if it reaches a certain humidity / temp. For watts it’s pushing around 260w but I’m running it at around 20%

I’ve been thinking maybe I should just defoliate those leaves but idk

I wouldn’t take any leaves at all yet. I would give her a few days and watch the progress. Definitely lookin better!! If your only running at 20% I would gradually start bumping it up. Be mindful of how far away the light is from the canopy. Staying on proper watering is huge.

How far would you say from top of plant? I just use a DLI meter on the Photone app to figure it out.

I use the photone app and in veg I usually run between 400-600 ppfd. I have a powerful light so it may not be quite the same as yours but my general rule of thumb is no closer than 18” from the plants. Each grow wants something different so I adjust on the fly. Don’t get too hung up on dli or vpd, just give them the closest environment you can. As you gain experience you can use them to dial right in but for now do the best you can, have fun and get to the finish line! Do you have any liquid cal-mag?

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No I don’t, I just fed them Jacks 3-2-1 and someone said that was good enough?

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I like to keep things simple. Instead of changing my jacks part A and/or the epsom salt I just add 5ml/gallon cal-mag to my regular jacks mix when I suspect a cal or mag issue. This way I’m not just guessing and then not remembering later how much I added because I was stoned when I did it…lol… you can also use the cal-mag as a foliar spray for faster reaction.
The reason I bring this up is because I think I see a minor cal deficiency with the rust spots.
All that being said you absolutely can adjust the jacks and as time goes it’ll get easier to figure it all out but if you don’t keep some kind of record it makes it tough to keep track

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I’ll purchase some today appreciate it

Mist collected on the leaf would probably shut the leaf down in terms of it cooling itself through the stomata, & it would then be relying on evaporative cooling from the collected mist to remain cool, I guess. Checking the leaf temp should tell you the leaf temp whether it is cooling itself or being cooled some other way. I don’t have problems with condensation collecting anywhere in my box or the leaves. I do try to avoid blowing the mist directly on the plants, & to keep the air circulating a lot. In my case I try to shoot it across the top of the box & towards my oscillating fan. I originally had a day in my main cab where I had some condensation building up on some metal bolts in my box due to thermal bridging, cold outside temps, low temps at the top of my box, & too much humidity in the box. I added some airflow towards the top & turned down the humidifier controller target setpoint. Eventually I realized that I can run lower RH in my box because I’m checking my leaf temps & working off of Leaf VPD.

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Nah but I should make one a growing one at least

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