My first grow/grow journal Sammys

Hey growmies! I’ll keep all my plant info and stuff here I’m currently growing a blueberry auto in my 2x2x4 tent, new tent coming Thursday! A bit longer and taller! Whoop whoop! Thanks for @OGIncognito for the grow journal advice. Appreciate it. I’ll tag some people who have helped me, in case you guys would like to stop by.

@Coonass @MeEasy @OGIncognito @Woodrow @Docnraq @beachglass @Storm @Borderryan22

Sorry if I forgot anyone, feel free to pop in!

Until then, here’s some pics:


Right on Grow Bro, I’ve had 1 running for 2 years. Took me a few times to figure it out :love_you_gesture:


Whoop whoop!!! Looks good. I need a bigger tent like yesterday!


I’ve set this to follow and will pull up a rug to watch the show


I just fired up my first Auto grow in 12 years or so. Been a long time since I messed with auto’s. So I’m going to let mine rip a long.


Getting the AC working today and the in-line fan finally gonna blow into the attic! More temperature control. Also look what just came in:


Got my popcorn and my bong, ready for the show!

Thanks for the tag.

I’m excited! Just ordered some new lights :sunglasses:
Just got my AC unit for the tent room almost set up, should be finished tomorrow! And the in-line fan is finally gonna be blowing into the attic instead of the same room. Love it!


Your in good hands!

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Appreciate it! Hope you check out my first grow :)) enjoy your stay if you choose to pop in


I suck lately but I’m set to watch!


Sound like the last 6 weeks of my last grow! Ph issues kicked my ass!

I’ll be lurking over here in the corner @Sammys !!

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What accessories do you guys recommend I grab? I have some Amazon gift card money that I wanna use before my family does haha

Already got your Ph and PPM meters? That’s a must have.
Scrog netting…humidifier/dehumidifier…the mind boggles with all the possibilities! LOL!

Have you got any myco products? Ive only used great white shark but it was fantastic! Propper plant ties (soft rubber outside) lst clips are pretty great too. I have a set of airpots Im fond of also. Bubble bags never hurt to have. Plant risers and drip trays are pretty nice to have. A battery powerd water transfer pump is pro status if you ask me.

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Have all of that but the scrog!

What’s a bubble bag and what are myco products for?

What about a dehumidifier come flower time? If you have high humidity you will need it to be low come flowering. Dehumidifier was a great buy for me

Recharge works for too