My first grow/grow journal GSCE Auto

Yeah, with Photos, I don’t really have room inside. I’m in the 'burbs so outside is a bit ballsy, but I’ve been thinking about expanding my fence anyways.

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I don’t have much room either but I might give it a go and just LST them hard, do you grow in a tent?

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I’m limited inside to a small closet (only 19" depth). So, I’m just in a closet. I’ve been thinking about using one of those reflective thermal blankets we have in our emergency kits and wrap it around the walls to help with lighting. I’ve found a tent that would actually fit, but then, I’m forking out a bit of cash for just doing one plant. So, kinda doesn’t seem worth it, ya know? But if I can get the wife on board to let me snag a tent that wouldn’t be in the closet, then I’m golden. I’ve homebrewed beer for over 20 years, and I’ve learned it’s been a slow process for expanding equipment to keep her happy. Hahaha

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That’s what I did, I currently have the tent in my closet, fits perfectly, literally…perfectly, any longer / taller it wouldn’t

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Just a few pics from today. I’m gonna do a bit more LST in the morning, I hope she’s looking alright.

I am gonna have to snag some Ona gel or something. Came in from working in the yard this morning and as soon as I stepped in the house I could smell her.

Just a quick closeup…

Here’s some pics from this morning:

Patience is the hardest part…

Anyone know how long it takes for the trichomes to start to turn amber?

Thought I’d provide some updated pictures today:

This gave me some initial worries, but thankfully @MidwestGuy and @Spiney_norman clarified that she’s not turning into a hermie:

One very obvious lesson I’ve learned, as you can tell by that cola, is that I need to do a much better job with LST on my next grow. LOL