My First Grow GG Auto

Hello all, first time grower well did try some Columbian in a closet in the 70s, not too well I may add. Have a few GG Autos just about to enter week 4 from sprout. I have good temp and humidity control so VPD pretty much always in sweet spot.
Grow is in a layer of Coast of Maine seed starter and Sohum living soil. I have added one small cal mag dose and an recharge so far other than Ph’d water. Planning on using Dr Earth Flower Girl for flowering. Is it too early yet to start, I have read some thoughts it will take a bit for the top dress to make its way, so they started beginning of week 4. Thoughts, this is the one area I am a bit gray on. Started LST last week, and bud sites are happy. Any other nutes in that stage I should think about. Thanks


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If the stretch has started, I would topdress.

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So far no stretch, but the bud structure is looking good. Only regret is not off setting both plants. I originally thought, try one normal and one with LST, after planting I said why not both LST, and glad I did. But I guess when they start stretching, I can manipulate them a bit.

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Looking good!


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Nearing end of week 4. I decided to give it some nutes, 20 percent dose of Gaia Green 444 and 20 percent dose of Gaia Green 284, some cal mag and recharge. Here is a pic of one of the 2 . First timer, but think the canopy is fairly even, and ready for a stretch. Learned alot just reading thourgh these forums and the discussion on DLI was very good. Gave me a baseline for my lighting schedule and not so much guess work now. Fan leaves are crowding a bit, so far just tucking, thoughts on defilation going into week 5.