My first grow, first defoliation (northern lights/shiva)

So this was after the first trim. I only topped 1 of the 2 plants. I decided to top the small plant because it was growing much slower than the other, so in an attempt to get a decent yield and some experience with experimenting to see if she grows better. Everything looks well, just growing smaller leaves and shorter than the other, still has same amount of nodes. Any suggestions on anything else I should do, would be greatly appreciated.


Your plants look awesome!! The taller one I would LST (low stress train) imo but let’s let the experts chime in. Nice ladies tho :grin:


I thought about it, but I thought I’d end up destroying it with very little experience, so I may just let this one go and see how she does, then next grow I’ll start early with the LST. Thank you, there are plenty of bud sites, about to flower in 2 weeks, that’ll be the 6 week mark for them :slight_smile:


Updated photo of my 2 babies! Almost week 7 of veg, going to let her go for another week then switching to 12/12. Should I run this week with 14/8 then switch to 12/12? Pretty satisfied so far with my first experimental grow. Cant wait to start seeing her flower