My First grow ever, thank you all

So I received a seed from my cousin who is also growing. I don’t smoke so this is more of a competition between me and my cousin to see who yields more.
Sour diesel (germed 3/1/2016)
Organic potting soil, never ph’d soil or water
Grow cabinet 2’w x3’l x 4.5’h(homemade)
2’ 8 bulb t5 6500k
4" exhaust fan with carbon scrubber
Oscillating fan for air movement
T/hum at 76/45(avg with minimal fluctuations +/- 5 degrees and 10 percent humidity)
Will follow up with pics of progress

March 4th

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March 6th

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March 9th

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They look nice buddy great job

They ready to transplant to they final pot , but great job .

has been in this 3.5 gallon pot for a week now. Just debating if I am going to top again or just keep Lst til I switch to 12/12


She looks great I like the set up

Let the new nodes really bloom out before you top so they don’t bunch up like here in the photo .

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Looking good :smiley:

Yoshi I I’m using t5’s about 6" above my scrog screen. Do you think I should move the lights away to encourage her to strecth those nodes a bit? She has always been kinda squat and bushy.

You might can raise it to 12 inches to 16 inches and see if that helps . If they start stretching they should be finish the big stretch in about two weeks and maybe and inch or so after the fourth week .

a little update, I know how everyone likes their plant porn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




She starting to fill out , pull them big fan leave branches back under the scrog and as many small one you can also , let her stretch out so them side shoots can grow up thru the screen .

Tuck every leaf , stem , branch you can under the screen and let it reset for the light again .

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If you pull the more dominant branched to the outside to let the smaller ones come through the middle of the screen? Is that the outcome your saying @yoshi?

Spread all of them under the screen so they fill out more .

Right :thumbsup:

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another couple of days and I’ll pull the leaves back under. They’re just sitting above the screen now. I’ll let her go a little longer and pull her back down. But she looks nice and healthy. And I’ve managed two clones from trimmings.


Look at that grow , it’s filling out perfect now , but yes pull them dominant flowers back under the screen and it will produce more tops .

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