My first grow ever. ILGM WW auto

Day 40, I think that’s right. Planted seed on December 5th.

I did a bit of training this morning. Trimmed about 15 fan leaves. I think that’s the last time I’ll take any leaves for a week or so. The little branch tied way down in front of the picture is the only one that hasn’t pointed right back up after tying them out about horizontal.

Look at all those tops? LOL

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Day 42. I gave her straight RO water with molasses yesterday (a day earlier than planned). She looked like she wanted water on Thursday night so I stuck my finger in the soil and it was pretty dry. Pot felt really light on Friday morning, so I watered her a day early.

Anyhow this morning I trimmed about 10 fan leaves opening up more lower bud sites to light. She usually looks pretty scraggly after I train her but she recovered quickly for this afternoon’s glamour shot:

It’s sunny and 70’s here in Arizona. I think I’m going to take her out to the backyard tomorrow so she can sit in the sun for an hour around noon. Little real sunshine should make her happy.

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Just shot a pic of Maui Waui

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Plants looking great! If you’re set on that plan I’d give her a good look for bugs before you bring her back in.

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Thank you for the kind words. I will definitely give her a good once over once her time in the sun is up.

I sprayed the upside-down trash can that she’s perched on with bug spray, so if anything gets on her it will have to fly in from the top.

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OK I think i’m done training her to make her any wider.

This morning I had her outside for about 30 minutes doing a little lower-canopy trimming. I expect her to take off once she figures out I’m not tying her down anymore. :smiley:

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Very nice and healthy looking! Great growing!

Today is day 46 woot! Where has the month and a half gone? :rofl:

I took her outside today around 10:30am and didn’t take her in until 2pm. She seems to really like the sunlight. Looks to me like she’s really starting to stretch:

Another really great thing about taking her outside is I can work on the tent without having to hurry. I moved my second fan (the black one) off the floor and hung it from the side pole to move air around dirt level. I’ll probably adjust this one as the plant gets taller to keep the air around the buds moving.

This is a ton of fun!

She had a bit of a stretchy growth spurt this afternoon. So far the biggest looking flower on the whole plant is still on the main stalk (the flower that’s on the left side of the plant, close to the fan at 9oclock. . I’ve tugged and whacked that main stem so much but she still fights back showing what she can do.

Still having fun!

Nice sunny and warm day here in Arizona, so I took her outside today to do a little minor defoliation. Took about 10-12 fan leaves that were blocking lower bud sites.

Wait a minute! I thought white widows were supposed to be tall and look like Christmas trees? :smiley:

She sure likes spending time outside in the sun. Really seems to put her in a good mood.