My first grow! Comments and advise welcome

Hi this is my first grow. I have 10 plants mostly green crack femanized but there are a few ak 47’s as well. They are growing in a 4x8 grow tent using 4 cheap 1000 watt led lights. I’m using ff strawberry fields soil and the ff dirty dozen nutes. I’ve used the nutes sparingly for the veg stage. Plants vary in age due to issues with germination but the big ones are 7 weeks. Had some ph issues I believe which caused what I think was a magnesium deficiency. See pics. Any thoughts on that would be helpful. Comments questions and advice would be greatly appreciated


They look great! I don’t see any cause for concern. Older fan leaves tend to look beat up earlier. Look at the new growth to see how your plants are doing. Welcome to the forum! You can tag members using @ and then the user name.


They all look quite healthy, good job on a first grow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks I topped the big five on the right and I’m gonna set a trellis net up tomorrow. The 5 on the left are like six inches shorter so I’m not sure if I should top them or not?

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@Dj360nh Lookin’ really happy and healthy to me!

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