My First Grow: Candy Kush Auto Fem

Starting my first grow. Germinated 2 Candy Kush seeds using Jiffy peat plugs and have transferred seedlings to 6" planters earlier this week.
Grow Box: 15" W x 11.5" L x 32" H
Lighting: 3 60 watt CFL / seedlings have been raised to about 6" from lights and are on a 18/6 light/day cycle.
PH: close to 7.0
Humidity: 30% - 42%
Temp. Temp at bottom of box has been running at about 80. At seedling level temp has been at about 90
Soil: 50/50 mix of Scotts Premium topsoil, Kellogg Organic Garden Soil (30,10,10), and Perlite.

The grow box has both intake/exhaust fans but am concerned about the high temps and will be purchasing a small fan to see if more air circulation will help with lowering temps. If I can lower the temps some will consider upgrading to 100 W CFL lights. I suppose I could also move the seedlings further away from lights. Have also purchased a small bottle of PH Down and will carefully see if I can bring down the PH some. So far though my Candy girls are looking good. :grinning:



Great looking start!

Just remember that you don’t need too much water at this point. Just a misting a couple of times a day should be sufficient.

Also when it comes to ph. You should get a ph meter to be able to check your water ph and then especially once you start adding nutrients you’ll want to make sure your ph is dialed in.


Thanks Ray4x, I’m using one of those 3-way meter testers to check PH levels. Will be carefull with watering.

Ahhh man, its a beautiful journey if youve never grown something before, i mean obviously its smokeable so it’s far more exciting but anyway good luck to you, if I could 're do this grow I’d switch to flower at 2 months veg or maybe 10weeks, just a pointer invade you planned to veg 3 or more months like I did (growth slowed for me)

Welcome to the world of DIY buds good luck . My first grow was the most fun

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