My First Grow by Cangrows

Hi all

I’m new here thought I’d sign up to get some advice from more experienced growers and share my experience.

I just built my grow room and I’m 5 weeks in to my first grow.

I started with two clones and then purchased some seeds and started another two - this may cause me problems with height later when I need to switch to flower.

Here are some pics of where I’m at currently.

This is where I started two T5’s

Then I built my grow room

Re potted and started low stress training

I unfortunately found that the clones I purchased from the dispensary had an powdery mildew infection,

I researched options to kill the pm infection- I ended up using Safers Defender

Unfortunately the mix I made was way to strong and severely burnt the plants

But thankfully they recovered

I got my nutrients and started a feeding program

I bought a cheap PH test kit to get a rough idea of my PH after mixing my nutrients- I was around 5.5

I started training them more aggressively

I finally received my seeds that I ordered from Old school breeders association Shop - Old School Breeders Association

I however do not suggest purchasing from them as their customer service is terrible and their advertised promotions are a lie - I will talk more on their terrible customer service later.

I germinated my seeds in a damp paper towel inside a ziplock bag.

One of them failed to germinate and I had to start another.

Planted them in smaller pots and watered with plain tap water.

The clones I planted in a mix of coco and soil

The new seedlings I germinated I planted in a peatmoss, perlite, coco and sea soil mix

When I repotted my seedlings the roots looked good

I used 7 gal soft pots for the seedlings to help prevent root rot

I was having trouble keeping humidity in my grow room so I ordered a humidifier -

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

I got tired of filling it so I modified the reservoir with a float valve

Finally got my humidity in a descent range

Now to address the dropping night time temperatures

I ordered a heater from amazon:

Honeywell HZ-7300C Digital heater.

I was able to keep the temps reasonably constant when the light turned off.

I am running a 18 - 6 light schedule but my basement gets pretty cold without the heat of the 1000watt Metal Hailide.

I installed a sink with a pump to pump the waste water to my drain line from the grow room.

I purchased a 3ft x 3ft drainage tray from

Pacific Northwest Garden Supply - those guys are awesome, friendly, knowledgable customer service

I installed a condensate pump to pump all the waste nutrients to the sink I installed.


Anyone know why I cant edit my original post?

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Nice grow! Good luck

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The fan leaves on the seedlings are huge compared to the clones.


Those are some big leaves.


Do you have the ph adjusting liquid? 5.5ph is way too low for a soil grow. It’s at the very low end for hydro for that matter. You should be adjusting your feed or water to around 6.5. You definitely should always test anything you’re going to spray on the plant on a single leaf before hosing the plant. But it looks like she bounced back well.

And I love the idea of the float in the humidifier.


Nice setup good luck with the grow.

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Indeed I need to purchase a ph pen and some ph up!
Surprisingly they seem to be doing well even at the low ph.

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Indeed and I have massive gorrilla hands too XL gloves, I’m super excited about the seedlings and cant wait to start LST

The training is going well, I’m liking the pipe cleaners for keeping branches right where I want them.

I’m starting to regret my choice using soil for the two larger clones, it takes a long time and a lot of nutrients to be able to get a good flow out of the bottom of the pots so I know I’m exchanging my nutrients and won’t get salts building-up whereas my peat moss and Coco soil mix drains perfectly and stays moist for a long time.
I don’t think I will grow from clone again as the seedlings are a lot more robust and healthy-looking and the stems are quite thick and quite large, also you never know what a clone is infected with.
My low-stress training is paying off, the clones are getting quite bushy and I am going to build a frame out of PVC to install a scrog net soon.

Here’s a quick video of my adventure up until now:

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Week 5 Update!


Swappping out my reflector!

This plant is a mutant


I got pistols! :grinning:

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I once had a breeder in Humbolt give me seeds where he had a true breeding mutation that created small buds at that exact site. Pretty cool to see. Out of 12 plants, 8 female all had bud sites there.

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I love watching individual plants grow and form their own special traits such an interesting and rewarding hubby

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