My First Grow By A Bored Dad


Hey guys. Thanks for having me here. So, I’m a stay at home dad and am really bored so I had this idea of why don’t I learn how to grow weed. So, I bought a 2x4x6 tent, 600w LED, and a carbon scrubber system. I also purchased 5 Northern Lights seeds of which 4 sprouted. I’m about 3 weeks into my grow and all seems to be going really well. I started 3 seeds and then said f*** it and tried the next 2. Do you guys think the light will be enough?? Also, when should I transplant? Roots are starting to peek out bottom of cups. Thanks again!


Also, not giving up on seed 5 yet. Seems to have a tap root but not spouted up yet. We shall see. Not costing anything to wait!


Hey, welcome to the forum, looking good so far. :+1:

So If the roots are coming out of the bottom I would transplant asap or they will get root bound and growth will be stunted could also cause other problems. :v: It’s going to be a tight squeeze with all of those plants? Hey anything is possible with mj plants. Best of luck to you. Try not to get to bored they take forever to grow lol


Thanks man. I know! Much longer than brewing beer or making wine. I hope my fruits will justify my labors.


Also, I’ll get to transplanting my ladies tomorrow. Gotta pick up some perilite to Mix in the ocean forest soil. Hopefully it’s not to hot in nutes for them.


What’s the brand of light you have. But, that’s fine while in vegg, during flower you are gonna need more


I have 4 in a 2x4 tent and it is really crowded. In the future I don’t plan on any more than 3 photo plants at a time in this tent. 2 with longer veg and SCROG even better I think looking back.


Mars Hydro. How much more light would you recommend?


Reported all my plants into 5 gal pots yesterday. When transplanting the biggest plant was getting root bound and I think that’s what was causing the bottom set of leaves to yellow. Anyway, checked on them this morning and it looks like they have grown more just overnight. Planning ahead, I’ll probably do one more transplant into 7 gal cloth pots and be done. Also planning on ordering a bigger grow tent since I think my current one will be out grow very quickly. Oh well, I used to raise corals and saltwater fish, so this hobby is dirt cheap in comparison.


At least one more 600w and possibly another 300w


I think if your going to keep them in the tent, the five gallon should be ok.


Thanks for the responses guys. I’m super stoked about my new venture!


Repotted a few days ago and they are really taking off in growth again. What do you guys think? Also, for flowering I’m thinking about a HPS light? Thoughts??