My first grow auto update


Hi my seedlings are on day five was just wondering if they look ok temp is a steady 26 humidity 55 just wondering if they are looking for day 5


They look fine
Soil looks a bit wet in picture
At that stage they dont need alot of moisture so allow the soil to dey out before you guve them any more also try watering around edges at this stage or most the top later of soil when needed

They will have slow upward growth as they build a good root system once they have one tbey take off wek 2-3 normally
Use water phd between 6.3-6.8 as well


Thanks for info soil does look a lot darker in pic than actual colour they had they’re first 250ml of water yesterday and a very light misting this morning forgot to mention these are auto flower if it makes any difference


They will grow a bit faster then photos
How high are the lights


I’ve got a 300w led 21 inches away from them


Thats good start watch them if the start to streach to much lower light but i would stary around tbere also


Ok thanks was thinking of lowering it a few inches as it’s not the best light as I didn’t pay a lot for it


Nice see how they react i had autos grow 5 foot tall and ither that stayed 14 inches or so
They do what they want lol
Just ph water for now :+1: youll be fine
What tyoe of soil you in ?


I’ve planted them straight into final pot with super fine gro sure potting soil that’s got added verm and plant extracts and I’ve added some perlite and when she’s ready for nutes iv e bought advanced nutrients ph perfect grow,micro,bloom im hoping ive made the right choices lol


Nice you probably be ok for a few weeks do feed until you have at least 3-4 sets of true leaves
Ive heard good things about that line of nutrients


I would say they are looking good! Looks like @Countryboyjvd1971 already warned you about overwatering which is the most common mistake we make when starting out… (ask me how I know lol)

Another thing I would warn you about is misting under an LED. If you leave dew drops on the seedling, it acts as a magnifying glass and can result in un-necessary light burn, even from 20" or so. I light burned my second hatch from 22" due to dew drop magnification.

Instead of misting, if there isn’t enough humidity in the air, just put a little dome on her for the next couple of days. She’ll be fine going forward.


here they are now this one is coming along slowly but had some stress i think cos of the purple hopefully looks ok though This one seems to be struggling thinking it was drainage so added holes what do u lot think any advice


Here they are now one seems to be not stretching so i think it might be a dwarf and my other one looks good i hope lol I’ve started giving half dose nutes last week and they seem to be liking it still no signs of flowering Think they’re on day 25 now


Hi hope someone sees iv e gone to check my babies this morning and I can see roots in the top of my soil is this normal or is it a sign of root bound iv e got them in a 11 litre pot but not full should i transplant or just leave it


They look pretty good and healthy! In terms of roots at top level of soil, I think that’s normal, I’m growing in felt pots with coco/perlite and I have roots way up top. Every time I stick a finger in to check moisture, I hit roots.

Look at trees in nature, you notice how sometimes roots work their way above ground and end up looking like bark?

Perhaps share a visual so we can see rather than imagine what the situation looks like?