My first grow and it’s outdoors. Flowering has begun!

I’m just checking in with photos of my Bergman Goldleaf (non-auto). Since this is my first grow ever, I’m looking for some support and suggestions on what I should put on my plants at this time out of my Fox Farm Dirty Dozen. How long till harvest on this? Thanks in advance!


2nd week of November LOL, I’m not a outside guy, let call someone who is @Cannabian

Strain info shows 9 weeks flowering time. So roughly 9 weeks from when she started throwing pistils.

Well… till the desired trichome ripeness is achieved. I would think the guidlines can very substantially due to environment and other factors. Just be patient it will happen.


As for Fox Farms Dirty Dozen: if you follow the feed schedule that came in the box, you should start feeding the flowers with a mixture of big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big and open sesame as if this is week one of flower.

If you haven’t been using the Bush Doctor products you should start using them on alternate feedings to feed the roots. Most of the products are discontinued after week three of flowerIng except for the bembe which starts week 4 of flower to sweeten the buds as well.

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When you say mixture, do I cut the portions of four nutes to 1/4 dose of each?

You make a mixture combining all the elements at the listed dose. 3 tsp big bloom, 2 tsp ea grow big and tiger bloom. If you have the powdered products, .25 tsp open sesame.

At this point, if you have a ppm meter that uses a 700 scale AND your water going in had low ppm, then your reading should be in the range listed at the top of the feeding schedule under PPM.

If you aren’t sure if your meter is 500 or 700 scale and you can change to EC you can use that scale, I believe it works regardless of ppm scale.

If you don’t have any way to measure ppm, don’t worry about it at this point, I went years without ever using one.

A pH meter however, that you really do need to make sure the nutrients go in at the right pH. If you aren’t using one you should search on this forum for suggestions. The one I use I’ve had for 10-12 years and is called a “eco tester pH 2“. I’m sure there are many newer models. If you aren’t certain how to use one let me know and I’ll try my best to explain it.

I hope I explained it well enough, if you are still confused I’ll try to be clearer next time.