My first grow and I'm doing it my way

Greetings all
Today I would like to introduce you to my first grow.
I’m 5 weeks into it and am just using some seed I got from a friend. Supposed to be Ewok and Taho but I see at least 1 other in there too so it’s going to get interesting.
I have a 4x8 grow tent and am using 2ea 2000 watt kingled lights in the room. I make my own soil using coconut coir a steer manure compost blend and perelite this round.
The plants were started in 1 gal plastic pots and I did add a 1/2 strength 20/20/20 organic fertilizer to that.
I have a worm farm with over 4k worms in it and the tea I make with my little buddies is all they get fed.
These pics I’m adding are on the morning I woke them up after 36hr darkness it’s time to sex these kids.
So thanks for looking any any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated



Welcome to the community plants look healthy. good luck with your grow.


Thank you kindly I’m so happy to have found you guys so very much knowledge here it’s amazing. I started this grow before I did much research and now that I found you folks I hope to learn and share for years to come. My only requirement for advice is that it be totally organic. I made that commitment to myself and plan to stick with it for sure. I have already got my next crop seeds from you fine folks so I’m wanting this grow to be all about learning organic worm poop grows lol.
Thanks again guys in advance for all you are.


Work poop is great for veg stage. Your going to need something for flowering stage.
Good luck with your grow

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Welcome to the forum lots of very educated people here that are willing to help​:pray::pray:

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Welcome! Any questions for organic nutrients tag @Mrcrabs @Skydiver and @garrigan62. Great organic growers. Just add an @ symbol in front of their name and they’ll get a notification to come check it out.


Thanks for the tag buddy. I love organic, and it’s totally organic and thanks fir the kind words @Bobbydigital


So kool, o haven’t had luck with worms, I mean raise them, just black soilder fly larvae @Warkat but @Skydiver is doing a worm poop grow I’ll tag you there, would love to chat about your worm bin

The bins I’m using are the vermihut 5bin bins and there working out fantastically. I have 2 setup right now using 4 of the 5 bins on each one because I just harvested both bins one tray each. Right now I’m pumping about 10lbs of food through the 2 bins per week and I expect to harvest 5lbs or so of castings per week. I got the bins on amazon

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Awesome, I’ll be watching. Welcome to ILGM! :v:

Ok so today’s question concerns my lighting setup. I’m running 2ea 2000w King Led lights in a 4x8 tent and my room temps are running about 80 to 83 degrees and that’s with vent flaps open. Is that temp too much for the kids or should I work on cooling them down. Right now I have 22 plants in the room and I just started sexing yesterday. I know it’s way to many plants and I’ll thin once I get em sexed. I’m training them to keep em short as I’m hoping to do a sog grow this round.

I’m not sure if they will effectively cover the entire 4x8 tent through flowering… @dbrn32 would be better to answer that one.

As far as your temps I would have no problems with those temps using LED mine are around 81-84 lights on and 73-76 lights off.
Do you have an In line fan exhausting out of the tent? For that size tent I have the same size and use 8” hyper Fan in line fan with the advanced controller and love it…and have vent open at bottom for passive intake. Others here also use AC Infinity in line fans and are happy with them too. Also have several fans in the tent for air movement. What fans inline or for movement are you using? This will be important especially during flowering to have good air circulation.
Eventually during flower if smell needs to be contained you’ll also need a carbon filter for the in line fan.

Hope this helps
Maybe take some pics of your tent and equipment and post them.

Thanks for the quick response #skydiver as you can see I have fans and am exhausting through my chimney and this is an almost legal grow should be totally legal after sexing is done. I have great air circulation in the tent so no worried there I am going to probably add a 6" fan and ducting to the system for more air in tent the 4" isn’t cutting it too well. It’s a Zazzy tent and I’m happy with it so far heck here are some pics let me know what I can do better

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I’m with you on the lights, intensity a little low for that big of space.

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I would suggest an 8” inline fan for that size of tent so that you will have a better range if/when needed. Not that much more than going from 6” to 8” and you will be happy you did I think. Whichever one you decide on you’ll want the ability to adjust the speed (CFM) depending on cooling needs. Some come with variable speeds standard some you would buy a speed controller. Not sure what part of the country your in but in Ohio here growing in basement it needs more flow in summer than in winter etc. I started out with a 4” and replaced with an 8” and it runs maybe 40-50% speed most of time and ramps up automatically when temps hit 85 until back down and then slows back. So you have 2 4” inline fans? One for extraction going up the chimney and one on the floor for input or am I misreading the pics?
Also if you end up wanting to or needing to add a carbon filter for smells etc than the higher CFM on the 8” will help because the carbon filter reduces the CFM by around 20-25% as well as duct bends and longer lengths.
I didn’t see any fans inside the tent the type one uses to cool down…

My 8” inline fan and option upgraded controller. I comes with a standard speed controller. It’s works great and very low power consumption compared to the AC Infinity and remember it’s on 24/7/365.


My floor fans for air circulation in the tent to rustle the ladies…

Many options available these are what I use.

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Thanks brother I will be doing an 8" for sure I have a 4" carbon filter but it’s too small and smells don’t bother me to much yet I like that speed controller for sure so will be getting one of those. right now I have 2 small oscillating fans in the room and there doing fine job may need to improve that as the grow goes forward. I’m in Washington state so same here on air flow summer much warmer than winter. What would you suggest I do about lighting situation I’m $450.00 into lights I have now should I add another one or upgrade to better light and sell these 2. Dumb me anyhow got a hair up my butt to grow and didn’t do my best research before starting. No matter this is so much fun learning that it’s all way good
Thanks for your hep all it’s much preciated


Alot of this is about the light. That’s a huge tent wish I could do something like


I hear ya…I bought 2 light fixtures on amazon…they now sit on shelf and pull them out once in awhile when needing extra for something. They bought another light…better…than went with the HLG 600H and running 2 of them in my 4x8 flower tent and built 2 fixtures to cover 4x4 in my veg tent plus using the 3rd fixture I bought…oh yea and I have and use in seedling/early veg T5 6 and 8 bulb 4 ft fixtures too…from time to time.
Other than good genetics and growing medium lights are hugely important for bigger denser buds and bigger yields.
I think the 2 lights you have now would work for 1/2 of your tent and you could invest in another better quality LED
Here is one distributor I have bought from

@dbrn32 is the expert and I would @ him if needed I just read a lot and ask questions to others when needed…

2 Likes so if I add one of these and use the 2 I have would that be enough for my room or would 2 of these be the answer. I’m not looking for quantity grow I’m all about the quality.

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I guess it really depends on how you look quality and what you expect out of your space. Quality means “how high you get” to some, bag appeal or bud density to others. The lights you have will grow weed, but production per area will be relatively low to what the space is capable of. Your bud density will be lower in under lit space, so an upgrade in lighting would be an improvement in quality and quantity really. From standpoint of a gallon bag of fluff doesn’t have the same weight as a gallon bag of golf balls anyway.

I think grabbing one of those and running it one half along with the two lights you have in other half is a good idea. You could always replace them later after comparing.