My first grow. Am i ready to flower

I planted the seed on 15th Dec and it soil based medium. All the fertilizers provided are organic. Growing indoor under led Northy’s X-Sun 300 600mA - 630mA light. When should i switch to 12-12 hour light ?


You can flip to 12/12 when ever you want … :wink:
It looks like you need a stronger light or just more light in general , your girl is stretching big time… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


thanks buddy. i ll get the better light… :v:

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Looks like you already have flowers going?? Or am I seeing things. :face_with_monocle:

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That’s what I saw. Very stretchy, and she seems to have some pre-flowers already. You can switch as soon as the plant can physically produce flowers. Some guys run 12/12 from seed even. However, your yield will depend greatly on the size of the plant and number of bud sites, so letting her grow longer in veg means more yield in the end. With the buds you already have forming, I’d say go ahead and flip. Better lighting will keep the stretch down, and the weight up.


With out a doubt. Those are flowers for sure. !!! I didn’t see if they were autos or not but like I said I thought they still need 12/12

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thanks a ton guys. i have switched the light to 12/12. Actually i did not have info about that seed is auto-flowering or not. I enquired from my friend who got the seed and it is confirmed that it is auto-flowering. I ll switch to better light. thanks a lot again. cheers :v:

How big is the role of light schedule in auto flowering seeds ?

In that case, you might want to check with some of the guys that grow autos. They will flower regardless of lighting schedule, so a different lighting schedule might be better for yield.

Okay… thanks :pray:

Hey there @manmeetgogia I have and do grow my own Autos I would definitely get more light on there and as they per flower anyways it is safe for you to switch to 12/12 :+1:

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thanks for your input. but how important the role of light schedule is for auto flowering seeds ?

You are thinking running 24 hours and it’s fine but I believe everything thrives when it gets to sleep a little bit and take up some nutrient.


I run my autos on a 16 on/8 off schedule until they flower, then switch to 12/12. If nothing more just to save some electricity.

Whatever schedule you decide to run at, like @Johnzy81 said, everything needs to sleep some, but whatever one your at, keep it consistent as in not something different each day. They need to be on a timer.


Thank you @Rugar89 and definitely constantly keeping to your schedule of lighting @manmeetgogia keep growing :v:


thank you for input. i have already switched to 12/12. Cheers :v:


Yes don’t switch now. I had my light timer go out on me over a long weekend get away. So plants went with no lights for 3 days and they hermied on my. Not real bad but I got about 20 seeds from one of the plants. So light schedule needs to b constantly the same . But I also agree they need rest too.