My first grow am I fubar?

I ordered white widow auto complete grow set I became concearned after no flowers after 11 weeks ,plants growing well all over20” and bushy I posted about my crowded grow closet. And no buds you guys told me my seeds were fem and you were correct I contacted ilgm and they confirmed.i watched to. A 12-12 schedule about 6 days ago still no flowers.i also have much more concearn now I planed for autos so I used 3-3 gallon soil bags and 2 - 5 gallon soil bags and air pruning has begun should I throw the 3 gallon bags into 7 gallon bags with ore soil or leave alone until I see. Issues and how important is light leak ? I have 3 in my grow closet and 2 i moved not the bathtub to try and save them any suggtionsn would help I don’t think I would of had these problems if I were sent autos so am I fubar? Any suggestions thanks

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keep it in 12/12 and then just be patient.

Check for light leaks, that can stop the plant from flowering. Look at everything like notification lights on all devices.

Also, if they’re not flowering, then I would definitely transplant into the 7 gallon.


Leave them be. My autos didn’t start flowering until week 12 or 13. Then they came to be around 29 in tall. So your doing fine. Just be patient

Oh, I’m sorry, I misread, if they are are indeed autos, then the light doesn’t matter. I thought you weren’t sure if they were autos. And if they are autos they shouldn’t need to be transplanted.

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I ordered autos from ilgm and sure enough they started their flower cycle a a few weeks ago. I’ve had my lights on 18/6 the whole time. Because I have a gold leaf female in the room as well. But you just have to give them time. They will do their thing. When you see them start jumping in hieght like an inch or more a day they are about to flower or just getting into their flower cycle. That’s what mine did and they seem to tap out after a week or so.

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They are feminized not autos sorry for the long post

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Ok, so they’re NOT autos. Then my first post stands, and disregard the second post.

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also try putting a foam insulation strip around the crack of the door to further seal the room.

Keep on the 12/12 if they’re just females. Be patient. Have the right nutrients for the switch. Watch your temp and humidity. It takes some time.

Light leaks are a big no no. And if your plants are 11 weeks old in 3gal containers, if transplant into bigger pots, cloth preferably. They could be root bound by now. But if you transplant I’d wait a week after before you went to 12 12 light schedule

They look fine. Like the lads say, 12/12 and no light leaking.

Definitely transplant up before they start flowering.

They look like they are beginning to bud to me. Your new growth is a little lighter green than the rest of the plants. Exact same thing mine did when I flipped to flower. Here in a week you should be seeing pistils start flying.

Hey sparky. Your plants are in flower. It will take about 10-14 days to see full budsites with pistils all over. U gotta get the light leaks fixed ASAP or u will have Hermies. That’s more important than anything else u do. They look super healthy. Doing great!


Youre doing a great job. Its easy to be impatient, but in the end itll pay off! Pretty girls!

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