My first grow! 3 different plants. How do they look?


Welcome to a forum that actually cares.
Wow!! 3 awesome looking plants, you have done a good job.

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Thx Draco1!! Its been a fun first grow!!


I’m going to tag you to my grow journal and I’ll let you see what I have done, and the mistakes I’ve made and trying to correct at the moment. Give me a minute to tag you.

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Wow! Your plant seeds looks nice and frosty!

Great job so far!

Tell us a little about your grow… medium, nutes, lights, etc.

2-1000 watt yehsence led lights, 2 genisis 6 inch fans, I power 6 inch 442 cfm inline fan carbon filter, 2 different hygrometers, fox farm happy frog soil,fox farms ocean forest, general hydroponics 3 combo food, botanicare cal/mag, recharge, advanced nutrients Big bud for flowering. 3.6 gallon containers grown in. All in a 48x48x80 vivosun tent. Definitely didnt get as much harvest I thought I’d get but I believe the quality is going to be great. We’ll see soon. OlyBoy98503 hope your grows are going well man.

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When did you harvest? Did you get some pics of the plants before the chop?

They look yummy. Did a good job. Congrats.

Welcome! Nice job!!