My First Grow 24 Days from Seed


24 days from seed. Bag seeds from mid-grade. Getting my technique down. I think I’m ready for some good strains. What do you guys think and if there’s any suggestions?


@Shepses3x3 ,

We’ll Shepses3x3 Welcome to our world o ILGM.
I’m going to give you some links. Please check them out…well read them.OK
It wil help you in the long run to Be a better grower.

Thoughs are very nice seedlings. Feedthemonly when they have 5or 6 true sets of leaves…ok

B Safe


Thanks, Yes I been reading everyday and working on improving my grow skills thanks to Bergman’s Lab and this forum. I look forward to many successful harvest.


Get into reading the “Guides” section on the top of this page, soo much info.
They look great so far, don’t over do ! Jus let em grow:slight_smile:



My question now after these things showing signs of becoming monsters; when should I start changing my lighting schedule to 12/12?