My first grow 1 nl, 1 ah and 1 bb

Nice! Yeah I Trail run, climb mountains, kayak, mountain bike, ski and run dog agility! Not all stoners are slackers, not all who wander are lost!
Happy growing!


That is so Cool! I was really active for many years, but when I was pregnant I was put on bed rest and then I had infant twins, then shortly after I was finally able to start getting into walking and exercising again I had some health issues kick in…I still have a few that are hard to deal with and unfortunately the exhaustion wins sometimes and other times I feel like I could conquer the world…healthy diet and exercise help as long as I keep with a regular routine.

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Day 6:
Woo-hoo ! My Blue Berry is finally about to pop through, I can see it just below the surface of the coco fibre, just starting to be visible! The others have nearly doubled in height since yesterday, but are still really little. If I get a chance I’ll post pics later.


A little music…

Day 7
Blue Berry

Amnesia Haze

Northern Lights

Humidity is at 71% so I will take the cloches off. Amnesia Haze is looking tall and slender…thinking she may need the light closer, but I’ll wait and see.


They are more green than they seem in the pics…

Aaaah! My Amnesia Haze bent…I don’the know why…the coco fibre is still wet from my last water so I didn’the plan to water until tomorrow, and the others are ok…it did get cold last night, but not that cold.

Maybe bring the light closer? @Sl1 @Stoner_Cody420 @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971

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Stem looks like it got bent over @Sammie76
You have a cat ?
You could use a small stick or pencil to hold it up for a bit till she has a good root system to stand up on
How far away are the light and what type and size are they

Yes I have cats, but I keep them out of the room, I have a 300 watt LED 35 inches up from the top of the pots. I may have something I can use to prop her up. @Countryboyjvd1971

Edit: using a chopstick to prop her up…she’said tall and slender, maybe trying to reach for light, I’ll drop it down a little, but not too close.

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Dropped the light to 24 inches above her (25 inches above the others) and I’ll see if that helps.

You can get like 24" off the top of the plant I think and be ok bro
It was only a guess about the cats I know many people who’s cats have done damage to the garden lol


They are actually my best friend’s cats I try to keep them in common areas or her room only, so they are shut out of my space…but one may have snuck in.I haven’t seen them in the room, however they are sneaky.

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Ah same thing happened to
MyAmm Haze seedling. I’d suggest pushing some soil up around that stem and gently patting it to create more support

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Ok…slightly mounded coco fibre, plus chopstick support and light a little closer… she is standing up a little better. I’ll have to use caution when watering so as not to disturb her lille mound too much.
My ph up/down arrived today, so when I water tomorrow I can adjust that…it seems like watering every other day is working best for me, so far.


Day 8
measured height of my girls since the AH fell… she was just over 2 inches tall…I mounded the coco fiber up so now only an inch is above the coco
The NL and BB are both an inch in height.
NL and AH each have some little sets of leaves and BB is just starting show leaf growth…I’ll water tomorrow with correct ph after double checking the calibration of my ph pen, which was a little off so earlier reading would have been a touch off.
My lights are now 24 inches off the top of the AH and 25 inches off the top of the others.

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@Sammie76 welcome to ILGM! Also in MA and wanted to say hello! Say your post this morning over in the “Garden” Thread.

A couple of things Coco is not a soil (as you said above) so pH your water to 5.8

I would consider using a foliar spray as they really don’t have the roots for anything much right now.

Are you planning to do your entire grow in coco? Do you have experience growing in that medium?

How do you calibrate your meter?


I do plan on using coco for my whole grow, no experience growing in it.
My meter came with packets of stuff to use to calibrate it and a little screw driver and although far from accurate I used the vial and drops that came with my ph up and down.
My runoff today was 5.8 and I’ll try a light foliar spray.

Thanks @bob31 …I have been reading a lot over the last several days and new you were in MA. Quite a few MA growers on here.


There certainly are! You’re doing a great job @Sammie76 how’s the one you propped up?

Oh and Maine too! What part of MA are you in and no need to be too specific. I’m 25 miles or so NW of Boston.

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Misting seedlings with a sprayer on fine works great! I hope your amnesia Haze makes it. I have 2 more AH seeds and I’ll try again next Grow, will be popping seeds again in about 6 weeks!

I’m also in MA 8 miles west of Boston :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Your seedlings are looking happy!


Yeah the Mass crowd is big on hear @Sammie76
I’m in NY myself but @bob31 adopted me lol
The part of the stem you cover will root FYI so you may want to fill the pot up with the coco and not just mound it around stem just a thought
It’s a trick a lot of us use if our girls streach to much
Burying the stem help grow strong main stems :+1: