My first GG4 grow

Hi folks, welder420 here, this is my first GG4 grow, soaked 10 beans(24 hrs) then in paper towel for 48 hrs ,thinking i may get 6 to pop, nope as luck would have it , All 10 beans popped and are growing fantastically. Thanks to Robert an the ILGM team for such fast shipping and great seeds!

Transplanted my girls today 10-3-18 and turned on all the lights .I have 3 /300 Watt LED’s that do great


Congrats @welder420! I hope you have lots of room and lots of light, you’re going to be busy! Good luck. I’m along for the ride. :v:


yup i have 20 for 20 white widow auto’s and 4 for 4 super skunk fems all ILGM (thanks) i will watch . good luck and happy growin

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Busy busy busy. An indoor or outdoor grow. If indoor what size is your room or tent? I can only dream of more than 4.

Awesome! Watching…