My first experience with living Cannabis 🌿💚


Thanks @PhantomFarmer, yes end of winter now, it’s just clocking over to 12am Tuesday 29th August & Spring is Sept 1st, so we’re 10-20degree Celsius days now. I wish I Cld duct in from outside but the one place I can put my tent is right by window that is in no way private, that curtain has rarely been open in the year & a half we’ve owned our first home, I can’t handle high foot traffic and nosey people even when I don’t have something to hide lol

@bob31 thankfully ditched the halogens & got a metre by metre by two metre tent that was working perfect temps till recently


so your light is a 400w MH? I haven’t used those, but maybe that is the source of your heat? What is the temps of the room that the tent is located in @Spots Maybe if you lower the temps in that room slightly the air coming into your tent will be lower too?


My first two tents… Already addicted & thinking of getting third :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


your filter is far too small and as is your fan by my guess for the goal you have of both cooling and cleaning air. It would be fine if you were recirculating and running AC to cool space or not filtering and simply using it to cool and yes the filter is dirty and somewhat clogged not helping matter much I am all for overkill when it comes to venting myself because I would rather run a larger fan and filter at lower speed (quieter) than a smaller fan at high speed look into a decent 6" fan filter combo


I tried opening sliding door to deck off that room, I dimmed the ballast, unhooked the carbon filter and got temps down for first time today but of course it had to be one hour before lights out, now temps are dropping to below 20 degrees Celsius. At least I can work on it tomorrow lol

Uploading… the temps have been easy to control in seedling tent :+1:t2: now if I get my other tent under control I can do my first attempt at cloning :seedling::green_heart:


@Spots as myself and @Donaldj have mentioned you need bigger filter
Are you running a intake fan ?


good point that would reduce restriction and fan wouldn’t need to work so hard


Thanks @Donaldj, my fan is 4" and soo powerful even on low speed it’s sucks tent in hardout. Tents only 3 X 3 do u really think I need to upsize fan?


It about getting the right balance between incoming and outgoing air imo @Donaldj
Also I may add I only run intake fans in warm weather


I had great temps even when I took intake fan out. Then I put it back in yesterday after temps we’re going up, but it didn’t help, I’m guessing blocked filter meant it wouldn’t help. Now intake fan is keeping tiny seedling tent at perfect temp. Maybe I need another intake fan, that’s all I was after when salesman sold me $250 centrifugal fan instead Arrgh!


I did have smooth sailing for a good number of weeks to get this beauty

Do you think I need to make ducting longer frm filter to fan? The instructions did say a metre either side when ducting :confused:


That is what you want negative pressure meaning no scent escapes but if you aren’t letting enough fresh air into tent much like your hand over a vaccum hose fan struggles. Also the air you pull in should be cooler than air exhausted. I use larger fan for simple reason I can swing my temps by 10 degree with fan speed alone no need to run costly AC just adjust speed and increase intake volume which in my case is passive and drawn in by same fan filtering


I didn’t know until tonight

that I could do this for passive air intake with the Velcro window part gawd I’m slow


On the bright side my partner is snoring :+1:t2: with the fan no longer straining through filter it’s much quieter


@Spots you want your tent to be in a negative pressure for sure like Donaldj mentioned
Yes the small filter causing restrictions will effect temps so get a larger filter if one is needed to control smell
And I would add the intake fan to larger tent
You can get inexpensive induct booster fans to use as intakes at the big box hardware stores maybe 20-30$


I live in a small rural town in a small country at the bottom of the world soo I doubt I can get to a big box but thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:
Lol what about using my other centrifugal as intake?


Lol that’s an intake adjustment :wink: there is a difference between volume of air and speed it is moved a larger fan moves greater volume at lower speed with less resistance since venting and filter are less restrictive this means reduction in noise and greater control. Think of a garden hose when you restrict the end water seems to jet out but it is actually less volume (water moved) only at higher pressure (restriction) a fan works same way 4" venting has nearly half the volume of 6" and double restriction @Countryboyjvd1971 being an HVAC guy you likely understand the math and theory I am mentioning better than my laymen terms :slight_smile: Basically I am saying changing fan and filter would double your ability to adjust temps humidity also some strains like cool temps in flower and need it to bring out colours.


You should use larger fan for exhaust and smaller fir intake you can definitely use the fan you have tho
I typically run my intakes at half the speed of exhaust


If only it was financially feasible to upgrade fan and filter & order up another little intake but alas it ain’t.
I’ll put intake back on and soldier on with what I’ve got till I can upgrade. I think I can order another little fan for my tiny tent for a hundred dollars - before anyone tells me about Amazon etc… once currency is calculated and postage costs are added it’s roughly same price & takes anywhere between 9-14days to arrive - versus within a week or even within two days if in ordered from store 9hr drive north of me. I live in a beautiful tiny country at the bottom of the world :earth_asia:


With that said I would try looking for a inline duct booster locally
Even is small beautiful countries on the bottom of the work you have Ac and duct work lol @spots
I’m sure you could find something if you look