My first experience with living Cannabis 🌿💚


I hope the new fan does that, it’s on low speed. there’s also a little fan blowing inside tent 24/7 does that help? @Nug-bug


The lil fan inside will stir air around but not refresh it?
@countryboyjvd1971 can you help


Would be more then willing to help out @Nug-bug
Fine me a few to catch up on the thread bud
Or you could bring me to speed hahahaha


You’ll want exhaust running 24/7 @Spots and most of us runn a intake as well
And the extra fans inside tent
Your run a risk of mold if you shut fans off
What hubbies complaining about the noise or just the fact they are running ?


Hubby said the fan wasn’t running all night after lights out till Monday just gone (it’s Thursday here today) he’s complaining of lack of sleep because of it. So I switched fan to quieter one & he’s still complaining today sigh
Hubby doesn’t hardly consume cannabis, he’s a drinker, which is fine by me as I need cannabis as medicine, I’m 7&1/2 years sober so he he’s his weekly bottle of rum to himself lol win/win - but it does mean he’s getting a little snotty with how much I’ve spent on setting up & he’s the one sleeping in with the tents. Because I end up sleeping in the toddlers room every night, I fall asleep there, I don’t know what it’s like with the fan. I shld have some caffeine tonight & try see what’s happening - I don’t consume caffeine since it triggers high anxiety levels in me but I think I shld try for my hunny’s sake


My hubby keeps complaining about the exhaust fan too. I don’t think the motor on that fan runs much louder than the radon mitigation system that comes out of the basement and the motor is right beside the bathroom window upstairs on its way to the roof He doesn’t complain about it except when he is in the upstairs bathroom because it is mounted on the floor beams just below the bathroom. My bad I guess but it saved it taking up room in the tent! Hubby hasn’t smoked more than a handful of times in his life. He isn’t getting snotty at least, well at least not in the last couple of weeks anyway. .


Is the exhaust ducted out of the room? Could the exhaust fan be moved to the end of the duct outside the room?


The fan is hung inside tent, pulling from carbon filter, and I attached the ducting to our roof vent, which is for heat exchange system, so the heat disperses to lounge & hallway. Where usually heat comes from lounge to master bedroom & hallway. I don’t know what else to do except move tent to garage & hope it’s not too cold this time of year (we’re near end of winter & Spring can be cold here)


I was checking for WPM & found this… Is this what I think it is?

@Rugar89 @latewood @FreakyDeekie @Countryboyjvd1971


What do you think it is ? Lol @Spots
It still to early to tell sex if that’s what we are talking about
But the plant is getting closer :+1:


Is day 47 too soon? Am I seeing things cause I want to know so bad lol


If a photo seed they normally show signs around 60 days or so sometime switching light schedule is needed to force flowering
But I personally don’t go off a calander and just watch my plants
Can you post a picture of the plant over all
And remind me what type of seeds you used :+1:


It’s bag seed, a seeded ounce I scored, I think the grower is indoor


Now that looks like a calax staring to form :+1:
Bag seeds need to be watch till they flower tho
Just in case :+1:


The left one is where I spotted tiny little hair


From what I’ve read I think this bag seed looks like even if it’s hybrid the indica is strong in this?


They still look a little young to me but can be starting to show signs of maturity @Spots
You’ll be ready to flower in another week or two for sure
All depends on how big you want them
I would definitely give them another week at least tho
How tall is your tent
I flipp mine usually when they are around 24 - 36 inches tall or so


2 metres tall @Countryboyjvd1971


My tents about the same
I would flip switch when the get 1/2 meter or so tall
They will almost double is size after you switch light to 12/12 so you’ll need to judge how much space you’ll need between lights and what not
But I would let them get a litter bigger


Plants look good tho just wanted you to know
Nice job @Spots