My first experience with living Cannabis ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’š


Does this look like over watering wilt?


I think she looks good. Being an outside grower the signs might be different. Towards the end of the light cycle the leaves normally droop a bit. Not sure if you are planning on topping or fimming. But Iโ€™d say itโ€™s time for a hair cut.


It s really hard to over water in those fabric pots. I water to runoff every time I water. I will never use anything else to grow in.
Did you just water? It s hard to tell not being able to see the top of the soil. The plants react the same way to over watering as they do to needing water. Looks fine to me.


That previous pic was taken 6 hours after watering yesterday. Hereโ€™s some pics from now, this is morning 3 hours after lights on. image|374x500


@Spots Iโ€™m looking at these on my phone so Iโ€™m a little limited but the leaves arenโ€™t drooping. Youโ€™ve gotten them this far, i think you can be confident in your watering skills.


maybe itโ€™s cause Iโ€™m a newbie, I thought they were starting to droop here


Normally over watering causes leaves to curl upwards. Like they are rejecting the water.


They look fine. I would say they were drooping if the leaves were hanging down to the top of the grow pot. Not seeing that at all.


Thatโ€™s good to know thanks @bruinsfan33

Maybe I under watered when found bushy plant looking not so pert :thinking:


Thanks @Rugar89 lol Iโ€™m like a new parent jumping at every little thing with worry :joy:


Hard to see on the small screen. If it is, itโ€™s not much. All the leaves arenโ€™t going to do the same thing all the time anyway. Itโ€™s possible it was a little wet and that one is now going to shrivel up and drop off. I wouldnโ€™t worry unless it looks like itโ€™s spreading.

Iโ€™ll award you the Official Order of The Green Thumb so you can stop worrying โ€ฆ


Lol thanks @PhantomFarmer Iโ€™ll try to stop my worrying :joy: Your comment cracked me up thanks :+1:t2:


So my CFL arrived yesterday & itโ€™s bigger than I anticipated :joy:

I had to take oversize fan off tiny tent cause it sucked tent hard up against bulb!


How big is that bulb @Spots ? It looks absolutely humongous!!


Iโ€™m with @Rugar89 and do the same water till run off Iโ€™m sure if you watered every day twice a day it would be a issue but as rugar said it had to over water in soft pots :+1:
She looks good to me the leaves will droop around lights out normally sonic that when your see it ?
I water mine on average every other day or so usually depending on size and temps outside more since it just hotter and the pot dry quicker


Hubby complained about the exhaust fan going over night, Iโ€™m not sure why as I time lights out for when hubby goes to bed, so fan shldnt need to go overnight. Iโ€™m wondering if I was using thermostat wrong. Anyway it gave me motivation to switch out fan for new fan with built in thermostat & speed control :+1:t2:
Kinda lucky my eldest, my 13yrs boy, is home because he got stood down from school for continual disobedience sigh
So heโ€™s not allowed to enjoy this as a holiday, so no tech tv or online gaming, and I had him to play with my girls, 3yrs & 1yr old, so stuff got done :clap:t2:

itโ€™s not as tidy as the last fan because this one has extra safety lines hooked up to it.


I think Iโ€™ve done enough for a mellow puff knives on time :sunglasses:


@FreakyDeekie that bulb is large alright! I stupidly assumed one 130w CFL would be little :joy: Iโ€™m really lucky it fits my batwing & inside tent only just! I think itโ€™s roughly 20-30cm long


Iโ€™m such an extremist and a newbie. So I took too many leaves off one & none off the other.


You want your exhaust system running 24hrs. It will keep air moving at night to prevent mold @Spots