My first experience with living Cannabis ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’š



Looks great !


I went shopping yesterday :clap:t2:

Getting my little tent ready & having a giggle. I went in meaning to get a little fan & came out with a big fan with built in thermostat & speed control :joy: Iโ€™m wishing I had bought this baby before setting up the big tent! I put it on top of my baby tent & even on itโ€™s lowest speed itโ€™s turning the little fan at the bottom of tent which ainโ€™t plugged in so made me scratch my head for just a split second :joy: My baby tent is soo tiny I think the fans too big! Iโ€™m running a heat pad & hygrometer to see how well the environment will be controlled with it! Will post back once Iโ€™ve looked into it. Coming a long way frm wardrope grower under halogen spot lights! :joy:


Once you start spending money for the better stuff, even though you know you could get by with the cheaper stuff, you know you are officially hooked! No going back now! :wink:


Thanks :sunglasses: Feeling hooked alright. Almost decides to swap out fans but thought better of it, if it ainโ€™t broke right? I can swap them when moving the next gen thru? I have issues envisioning logistics

What do u think of this set up?



That fan is over kill for that tent though. :rofl:
Just put it in the bigger tent. I swap my stuff out all the time as long as its lights on time.
Whenever I buy stuff now its usually overkill for my currant setup. Always looking ahead to using it in a bigger setup for the next grow. Where does it all end? :thinking:


this fan is probably too big for my tiny tent too lol
If the CFL doesnโ€™t give off too much heat that speed control fan is smooth & quiet compared to my other centrifugal & rattling speed controller :thinking: I donโ€™t use the speed controller in the 3x3 anyway as it doesnโ€™t run all the time thanks to thermostat :+1:t2:
Iโ€™m going to end up with another tent arenโ€™t I lol


Most likely! :sushing_face:

I bought a 2nd tent last night and plan to have a third by the end of the year.
It never ends. (well at least until you run out of room) :wink:


No worries, it looks like you have a bat-winged reflector in the small tent. So the extra ventilation will be very helpful in control temp๐Ÿ˜Ž
Edit , or is that for a CFL? Anyhoo ort not get too hot


Yes batwing, originally for 400w MH. But I changed my mind due to power consumption & being on same circuit as medium sized tent. No need for a ballast with the 130w CFL coming for baby tent :+1:t2: Iโ€™ve only added 210w, by putting in 80w fan & 130w light, to the total watts of medium tent sitting alittle above 1070w - 400w light, 400w ballast, 250w centrifugal, tent fan 20w, digital timer & a digital thermostat - I worked out, looking in my power company app, that my current set up costs $8.10 per day, if my whole family is home like on weekend, our power doubles at minimum :flushed: Itโ€™s not even like Iโ€™ve a huge set up since I think 3-4 plants max will fit my tents.


I started my first grow July 2nd 2017 :green_heart: with the water cup then paper towel method, planted July 5th and sprouted from soil July 9th :green_heart::green_heart: Here I am 21st August (my Timezone is first to New Years Xmas etc) and Iโ€™m almost set up to sprout two northern lights & clone frm my first grow :clap:t2: in my second tent :sunglasses:
Iโ€™m still flying by the seat of my pants, with no experience just info gleaned frm the www :clap:t2: especially this awesome forum - a big thanks to everyone commenting with support guidance and encouragement!
Hopefully with my next gen set up almost complete I work out the timing right lol I donโ€™t want plants too big in the tiny tent before medium tents finished growing then drying in hanging rack :thinking:


Are you saying that a 400 watt light with a 400 watt ballast draws a total of 800 watts? To produce 400 watts of light?

$8 bucks a day seems very, very steep to me. My fluorescent and LED add about $30/month.


I have the digital dimmable ballast set to use the 400w (can dim to use less watts), I assumed itโ€™s using 400w, couldnโ€™t find info on itโ€™s actual wattage so I concluded 400w - did I assume wrong?
My country is a rip off on power prices, petrol, food & rent or house prices :-1:t2:


I would assume a 400 watt light and ballast would consume 400 watts total. I read your post that the light and the ballast were each drawing 400 watts. Sorry for the confusion!


:joy: you werenโ€™t confused, I was, I thought the 400w ballast was 400w as well as a 400w bulb :joy: So you read right & I was wrong, Iโ€™m brain damaged so I get confused super easily & often confuse others with my confusion story of my life YAY for going down 400w in my off calculations :+1:t2: sorry I got u muddled lol


So I found mold inside my spray bottle & thatโ€™s also how I was stirring water when ph balancing :pensive: I use organic home grown lemon juice to lower & baking soda to raise if needed. I pruned the other plant but thought this one was ok till this morning.

Any advice is most appreciated @Rugar89 @PhantomFarmer @Countryboyjvd1971


Seems healthy tho?


I donโ€™t think I see any mold on them. You could hit them with neem oil spray as a preventative.

Iโ€™m a bit of a heretic here but a baking soda solution is s pretty high ph. You can spray that on the surface once. It raises the surface ph so the mold canโ€™t survive. Do it repeatedly and it can kill your plant. If recommend the neem oil as a first resort.


They look ok to me
You could mist the leaves to rinse anything off then shake gently to dry them up a bit
I would just keep a eye on them after that @Spots