My first experience with living Cannabis πŸŒΏπŸ’š


Are they Autos then yes if not you can wait till tent shows up @Spots
Keep the tip of your tds moist it will help keep the calibration in check longer
I put a piece of sponge in my cap and keep it moist with 7 calibration Fluid just a FYI my friend


That’s a great idea!!


Be glad to advise you if you include the size of tent in the question. :slight_smile:


I place seedlings into 1 gallon nursery pots for a month, then I transfer to 3 or 5 gallon cloth pots. Currently I am using 5 gallon. I got from rockwool to 1 gallon to 5 gallon 2-4 weeks before inducing flower photo period.


Main question. Are you still using the flood lights?


Not sure if auto as they’re bag seed, the northern lights I have, which for all I know could be anything really as not from a company, got them thru a national FB group in my country, so not sure if truly female & strain they’re claimed to be after seeing a few unhappy customers make posts.
Thanks for tds advice :+1:t2: I read to keep my pens wet so the sponge is brilliant idea!


Tents are; 40cmx40cmx120cm (1x1x3ft) & 100cmX100cmX200cm (3x3x6.7ft)

Thanks for all your advice

I prepped the soil in grow pots and left it resting last night


Lol yes the horrid floodlights are still going, plants are hanging in there, it’s working great to warm the room midwinter here, I’ve had door open on light cycle to keep temp down as once I got hygrometers I found out temps were way high.
All my kit is here except bloomin tents sigh


Lol. Exactly. Gets too hot and not the type of light they need.


Hey Ray4x thanks for planter prep advice :kissing_heart: I had fun doing that last night, kept me busy so I didn’t kill my plants too lol


Check out these yikes temps & humidities I discovered :flushed: Dunno how they survive me lol


Woohoo the tents just arrived! I’m going to be a busy bee today :clap:t2: No more floodlight grow :slight_smile:️

bring on the MH 400w dimmable!
@GetbackJoJo @latewood @Donaldj @Ray4x @bruinsfan33 @Countryboyjvd1971



Yay!! :raised_hands:

Let’s see a pic when you get it set up!


Well, for a girl who said she killed every plant she ever had and growing under a totally wrong light, I’d say things are going pretty well! :smile:


They’re looking good.


Wheeeeeeeeeeee @Spots! Now you are going to be totally in the grow!:hearts:


Phew :sweat_smile: I must be soft because that was exhausting and my back hurts. Although I’ve barely any meds left so gone without today. I’m glad I had everything I needed to start off. Thanks to everyone whose been commenting their advice and guidance :green_heart::seedling::herb:


That’s awesome. What a relief ! Lol :seedling: :seedling:


just curious, where is the main door to the tent. Am I wrong in thinking you blocked it against the wall. Could be I am just a bit high right now, which I am. But that would really suck to have to do everything through that little window, back hurts just thinking about it…


I believe the. Main door would be on left side of picture that taken from the side access @Ron330