My first experience with living Cannabis ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’š



I would definelty look to transplant into the fabric pots when the arrive. The clay pots also hold in heat so if thatโ€™s an issue than itโ€™s definelty not ideal.

As far as the differences go- they probably are the same strain but just reacting differently to the conditions. The color or leaves/ arena has to do with nutrient uptake more than anything else. Once you get your tent all situated and they grow a little bit more Iโ€™m sure they will start looking more and more than same.


One thing that I have learned from this site is have patience and donโ€™t love your plants too muchโ€ฆ okay thatโ€™s 2 things. And the money you are investing now will be useful equipment for future grows. I sure that it seems like a lot right now, but I am going into my third grow and all I really need is seeds and nutes
Happy growing!!


Plants are looking healthy to me hope the tent and other equipment show up fast
Happy growing


Yes, you definitely need some grow lights. Shop light halogen lamps just wonโ€™t do.

Look in our ILGM BUyers guide in the lighting section for wither Ipower 400 or 600 watt digital systems or look for LED lamps We have some Mars hydro lamps and maybe a couple others posted there. If you need more guidance, on lighting; Let me know. lw


Thanks @latewood
Iโ€™ve got two 400w bulbs; MH & HPS - 400w digital dimmable ballast, a gullwing & lamp holder, shade hangers & Rachet lines. A small 290mm X 400mm batwing reflector is in transit for the seedling tent.
Iโ€™m wondering how far away from the seedlings should the 400w MH light be? The seedling tent is only 120cm tall (between 1-2ft) Iโ€™m concerned I got wrong light for small Tent? Doing all this online ordering where I canโ€™t be sure it will fit together is making my brain struggle


This is what I use for seedlings and clones

Drop your 400 to 50% (200) and raise light until you can place your hand at the canopy of plants and it will be gently warm. If you hand is hot (back of hand) then seedlings would be HOT. If your hand is cold, lower lamp until you feel warmth. That is the perfect height :slight_smile:


Still waiting on grow tents & smart pots to arrive, I can see tiny roots just poking out the holes in the bottom of small clay planters. Iโ€™m hoping the ph pen, tds, tents & smart pots hurry up. Did have some fun with new hygrometers :+1:t2:


If you havenโ€™t fertilized them, it might be time. I canโ€™t remember what you picked, but I think you typed about something. Otherwise, theyโ€™re looking great.


Hi everyone :wave:t2: itโ€™s morning here & I jst woke from nightmare about getting busting growing. Iโ€™m soo glad it was just a dream. Does this happen to others living where itโ€™s a risk to heal yourself? image



I made distilled water for the first time today & calibrated my new pH pen :+1:t2:
Still waiting on grow tents & smart pots - ugh international deliveries are painfully slow


pH pen paying for itself already :+1:t2: litmus paper sux lol The waters been a 7.9, 7 on litmus, a touch of lemon frm our tree, then some baking soda cause I put too much lemon in, & voila 6.9pH



Nice work! But I think youโ€™ll want to be closer to 6.5 if you can.


@Spots I just got a new pH pen as well. the instructions said not to use RO or distilled water to cal the pen because there isnโ€™t enough free ions for it to work and suggest to use the cal fluids. I posted the info on thread โ€œletโ€™s talk about pH pensโ€ or something like that.


Interesting :thinking: The instructions on my pen said deionized water for calibrating & I looked up distilled water was a method to achieve deionized water, there were other methods that maybe could produce better deionisation. I hope I didnโ€™t do it wrong.


image I just came across this. Iโ€™ve a bag seed & two feminised northern lights seeds. Iโ€™m not sure when to plant them in order to utilise my two grow tents, not even sure how many plants fit in the size tents I ordered. @latewood do you have any advice please?


I guess your pen is made different. If your pen said to do it that wayโ€ฆ Thatโ€™s what I would do then. I hope Iโ€™m not handing out misinformation. Which one do you have?


Itโ€™s just a cheap one, I already blew budget & also this was only one I could find within my little country. The only things Iโ€™m waiting on to complete my set up are coming internationally.



what I use to heat my knives


@Donaldj @latewood Please would you transplant 19-20 day old seedlings into 3gal fabric smart pots? Without having grow tent ready yet? Or hold off till tent arrives?