My first experience with living Cannabis 🌿💚


Yeah, it’s sad to get all that work in and have to cut them. I’ve chopped 4 males this season, each 6 to 8 feet tall. Next year will probably be feminized or clones.


Are they regular or feminized seeds? Why do you suspect male? I had my outdoor plants have calyx’s that looked like that for a month before sprouting pistils :+1:


I bought feminized northern lights seeds, but because I’ve never kept a plant alive I started with some bag seed I found instead.

Of the two that sprouted; the first to sprout is short bushy and formed Calynx this week that already have long white hairs sticking up. The second to sprout, only by a couple of hours, grew taller than the first one and never got bushy. So now I’ve got a definite female and this one in question hasn’t looked similar in displaying sex at all. I’m a total newbie so I could be wrong. So I just have them in separate tents :+1:t2: but I took a side by side pic this morning


My girl :green_heart::seedling:


Is it normal for the leaves to go like this? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster


Are you talking about over lapping
I wouldn’t worry about it to much you can move them if it concerns you @Spots
And the yellowing leaves are normal in under growth and late in flower
If they don’t get Light they will turn yellow and fall off as well


The white flecks, that I think I mistook for white powdery mold on my other plant, and I stupidly took leaves off it, it’s either a male or hermie I’m not sure yet. This pic is my female and I’m wondering if it’s normal as plant matures, this is my first time with a cannabis plant, I’ve still never seen another plant so I’ve no clue what to expect. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


I’m not seeing a issue @Spots don’t do anything
Let me tag in @Hogmaster we him get eyes on it as well
Can you take a overall picture for me spots



She looks great @Spots I don’t think you have a issue at all
I think your looking to hard for one lol
Just keep up the good work let see what everyone else thinks
Woohoo Spots :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


I agree she’s absolutely beautiful don’t second-guess yourself you’re doing great


@latewood @Donaldj @Hogmaster @PhantomFarmer @Countryboyjvd1971

Advice please :green_heart: My plants are 8wks this Sunday (it’s Thursday today) when do you recommend cloning & switching to HPS bulb 12/12? My flourishing plant has female pre-flowers and the other plant I’m keeping in seedling tent as I’m mostly sure it’s male. This is bag seed so I don’t know it’s genetics, I’m guessing indica tho cause fat leaves, I’ve read contradicting info on indica growth phases. I’m still waiting on new carbon filter & have stable temps since we’ve had climate temp drop to below 20’c.

Just now courier


I can’t speak to any issues with the ventilation, but if you’ve got pistils, you can flip them any time. Expect them to double in height so that should influence your decision on when.


I would put them on a transitioning diet first for up to a week then take my cuttings and flip 12/12 this gives you time to take second cutting if first don’t take and the reduced N increases success % of cuttings. A transition feeding is simply half veg mix half bloom lower N higher PK :wink:


To be honest I’ve barely fed them, I got an organic compost tea and a bat poop organic goop, plant got a tiny taste of tea and two feeds of bat poop stuff in the last three weeks. The soil is total newbie screw up, I got an organic potting mix frm local plant nursery, it’s a slow release mix. I did notice a slight darkening of green after first bat poop feed. So decreasing wld be to nothing then? Lol I’m soo weird - sorry @Donaldj


My next grow is in proper canna soil tho :+1:t2: starting out better than under spot lights :joy:


I’m excited to have two tents running in the future. Do I really need a middle sized tent tho? @latewood


Yes, take a couple cuttings and put her in flower.


Hey Bro,

Whether or not you need a middle sized tent is up to you. You have to
make a plan for your propagation room, veg room, and flower room. It also
depends on how many plants you intend on keeping alive as MOMs

You can use the same space for propagation as you do veg, but I like a
separate space for all 3.

You could also use another big tent with a table to devide upper and lower
area, creating 2 chambers. Moms underneath with soft T5 lighting, and
your veg area on top, with well more T5 lighting.

Use the other tent to flower.

There you go, a couple options to chew on. Peace, lw


Thanks @latewood, your advice is very much appreciated :green_heart: