My first experience with living Cannabis 🌿💚


“Support Ticket”

Strain; Bag seed

Soil; organic with coco fibre, peat, natural bark fines, pumice.

System type? To be an indoor grow in tents set-up for seedlings/clones & veging/flowering 40x40x120cm (1ftx1ftx3ft) & 100x100x200cm (3ftx3ftx6ft7) in organic soil & nutrients. Still getting some parts to kit two tents as the seedling tent was spur of moment purchase because I want to maintain med supply.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6 on litmus paper. Waiting on ph pen ordered.

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutrients as yet. Little lost here.


Light system, size? Currently 1000w Halogens while waiting for grow tent to set-up 400w MH, then hve HPS for flower stage. Gullwing & bat wing, 400w digital ballast. Digital timer. Looking into CFL for small tent ??? Not 100% on that.

Temps; Day, Night; hot in cupboard & hopefully holding heat overnight, currently not best conditions so hoping to improve. Waiting on hygrometer to be delivered. Have an analogue thermostat for hot & cold to use.

Humidity; Day, Night; Winter so probably moist at night with no lights, dry daytime under lights.

Ventilation system; Yes, if u count an oscillating fan & opening doors couple times a day. Waiting on tent to arrive. One centrifugal, one inline & one clip on fan for breeze to strengthen stems. Ducting & Carbon filter too

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier; nope hopefully don’t need in my climate as temps range from 6-30degrees Celsius most of the year. , will see what happens when tents sent up, don’t need those items for my home, fire in winter but summer fairly temperate here. So I’m hopeful the lights work for heating in tent in winter & putting tents in garage over summer shld help keep it cooler.

Co2; No

:green_heart::seedling::herb:Just added this ticket, lost track of where I’d seen it posted before made this grow journal​:green_heart::seedling::herb:

Hi to anyone reading this :wave:t2: I’m endeavouring to grow my own medicine and be a green fairy to some friends of mine with fibro & endo. My thumbs are very pink, as in I’m the opposite of being green thumbed, my track record with gardens & house plants is 100% died. So far two of the four cannabis bag seeds I planted have survived me. I’m making this grow journal because these last 15 days as a newbie grower have been soo exciting and I want to record the experience while learning from all the experienced growers on this site.

So far I’ve germinated bag seed, via water cup method & wet paper towel, planted using organic potting soil on July 5th in small clay pots. Placed on plastic stacked containers , to get close to two 1000w halogen spot lights, with an oscillating fan, in a white painted large wardrope. Not ideal but I made do with what I had at the time I felt compelled to ‘just grow it’. So far I’ve only watered when they looked & felt dry, no nutrients, I’ve been opening up the wardrope during light cycle to refresh the air but not too much as its winter here currently, but since no air replacement in wardrope I thought best to air it occasionally. 16/8 is the current light cycle, on 7:30am when my fiancé wakes & off 11:30pm when he goes to bed, he wasn’t impressed when he got home from work and I had started my first grow, he knew I would be and agreed to let me but didn’t know I’d start when I did. He came around when two seeds sprouted in the 9th of July tho.
So with continual research and watching you tube videos I got my head around the fact that I need to invest in my grow, so I researched how to set up a grow tent & ordered a heap of expensive stuff, it all worked out perfectly because we suddenly had a buyer for a car my mechanic partner has been trying to sell for a year & a half, sold the car and got cash right when I needed it most. So I’m sitting here waiting for all the equipment to be delivered, hoping I did my ordering effectively, because I think my sprouts need a better growing environment.

I’ve jumped right in the deep end and got a 40cm x 40cm x 120cm seedling/clone tent, also a 100cm x 100cm x 200cm tent, the seedling tent was a last min spur of the moment purchase because I need to maintain production for making medicine. I think I need a few more things to outfit two tents but since I’ve only two sprouts currently I think I’ve some time up my sleeves. I have three fans coming; a centrifugal extractor (came in kit with ducting & carbon filter), an inline fan for I take & a clip on oscillating fan. The grow lights I got a 400w MH & 400w HPS, 400w digital dimmable ballast, a gull wing & a bat wing for MH & HPS, grow lush heat & cold thermostat, digital light timer, a drying net, Rachet hangers & light hanger, cable ties, large clay pots for transplanting. I’m planning on getting jubilee clips & hygrometer today.
So I am worried my plants aren’t very green like pics & videos I see online, but I’ve never seen a grow before so these two babies are my first non dried & bagged cannabis, I actually felt like the plant version of carnivorous when I medicated in my room where the sprouts are, well seedlings now I think. I can’t wait to set-up my grow tents and couldn’t sleep till 4am because I’m obsessed with my grow. Here are some pics for exeperienced grower opinions, the day they sprouted & yesterday on day 11 since sprouting

:green_heart::herb::peace_symbol: peace to all I hope yr medicating :slight_smile:


@Spots I’ll only comment on the 1000 watt halogen spotlights you have on your plants :seedling: those are not suitable for growing. Wrong type of light Spectrum or color and way too much heat. Those lights will grill cheese sandwiches.
I’ll tag some pros to get you going as I’m a rookie myself. @Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks, that’s why I’ve got 400w MH & HPS lights on the way with digital 400w ballast. Also I test my water ph with litmus paper & so far ph 7


@Spots go ahead and spend the $ and get a decent pH digital meter. It makes checking your water in and out so much easier!


Welcome to the forum @spots This is the best place to be for your first grow. Lots of helpful people to steer you in the right direction.


Thank you :green_heart::seedling: this seems like a great place to connect with other cannabis lovers, so far it’s an awesome experience using the platform and reading the content :+1:t2:


Just got email re; the two tents & found out they’re coming from overseas when I thought I’d ordered in my own country. Dunno how long it’s gonna take to arrive & bit impatient to get my seedlings into better lights & environment. And the bat wing I ordered after the tents from the same company will prob arrive via international courier zafter the tent it’s needed for doh!



Welcome to the forum! You’ve definitely came to the right place. I’m a new grower myself and did the same thing you did- just kinda went all in right away. The thing that I’m learning is to not be afraid to invest in better equipment. I’ve already upgraded my light, tent and fan because it wasn’t going to cut it for what I wanted to do.

Also a ph pen is a must! Ph is going to be the second most important thing behind lighting in my opinion. Bad ph will lock out nutrients and cause problems for your plants. I would also recommend fabric pots as opposed to clay pots. Fabric pots are better for the roots and will allow the soil to dry out better between waterings.

Tag me along with your updates! Would love to help whenever I can.


I’d love a ph pen, I’ve already blown budget for now so will have to wait because the price of that here is $130. I’ll look for some cloth to transplant in & get refund on the two large clay pots I bought, how do you stop yr plant from sitting in its water in those?


@Spots first off like the rest of the crew I agree the most important purchase you will make is a good ph meter . Do you have access to amazon ? they have decent ph pens for under 20 bucks also picked up 5 x 5 gallon fabric pots for under 20 .
I was like you and could kill a cactus but the guy’s on here took me under their wings and I am now on my 3rd grow with the 4th just getting germinated.
Also a invaluable asset for me was the free download of Roberts grow bible and the growers guide . I would read them and get questions I had answered here . Good luck and again welcome to the world of knowing all about how your smoke is cared for and whats in it.



I just have a plastic dish underneath that collects the runoff. You should only be watering when the soil is dry and then water to about a 10% runoff. I usually wait for it to runoff for about 10 minutes and then dump the runoff into a measuring cup to test the ph and then pour it out. That way all that it really sits in is the remaining water which runs out- and that shouldn’t be too much. It will either evaporate or being sucked back into the pot.

Like @Oldstoner said- If you have access to Amazon they have great ph pens and fabric pots for cheap. Let us know and we can link you some good ones.


@Spots welcome to the forum
I see your getting lots of great help from the other members you guys are all great :v::+1:
Agree on the ph meter and tds also
Glad you ordered some proper lights and tents
You’ll need and exhaust fan and maybe a intake fan as well a charcoal filter is need only if smell is an issue
Happy growing and if you need anything just tag a few of us and we will fix you up


Thanks to all who commented, I’m soo New I ran out of reply allowance lol
I found a ph pen & 3 gallon fabric pots on Amazon thanks to one of these friendly helpful commenters :green_heart: Roughly saved me $130 if I’d ordered in my country. I’ve ordered some hygrometers today too.
I hope I’ve put my kit together well enough; 3 fans; 4" centrifugal, 4" inline intake & a 15w clip fan with two speeds. I have a growlush analogue thermostat to plug fan & heat pad into (tho don’t think I’ll need heat pad my partner brews beer so he got one last week that I’ll snag if he doesn’t get his Brew on & I need it lol
I’ve also 400w digital dimmable ballast & two 400w lights a MH & HPS, I got racists hangers & light hanger things. The centrifugal fan came with 4" carbon filter & couple meters of 100mm ducting. Also using a digital timer.
I had my partner order me so 102mm hose clamps to help seal the ducting to filter fan. I’ve two sizes of reflectors for my two tents - little nervous that the bat wing reflector may not fit 40cm X 40cm X 120cm seedling tent cause it’s specs 290mm X 400mm. The gullwing should be ok for the 100cm X 100cm X 200cm tent. I’m still figuring out how I’ll light the seedling tent, not sure I want to run 400w in that tent when I’ve got both tents going. To start with I’ll be dimming the 400w MH in the batwing inside seedling tent if it all works together. I’m thinking of doing CFL light fixture for that tent so I don’t need a second ballast, if I can get a CFL into batwing (which did state on website for MH & HPS so I’m not hopeful it’ll work)
I’m wondering if the small tent will need a centrifugal fan & filter cause it’s so little. Still waiting on tents to turn up from overseas. My sleep deprived mummy brain is struggling to hold all this info & setup trouble shooting with no practical application cause everything had to be ordered online, I feel like I Cld be missing important components of set up yikes

is that powdery mould growing on my pots?


OHMIGOSH Rachet hangers not racist :flushed::joy:



Hahahaha I saw that but wasn’t going to say anything!!

You’re definitely on the right track with your setup. For the seedling tent I would recommend running a T5 setup. Pretty cheap and effective for seedlings.

Something like this maybe?


Oh my faulty freaken product! I plugged in analogue thermostat & it didn’t turn the fan on! I went to check on the seedlings & opened up the hot cupboard! The analogue clicked at 35 degrees Celsius but still didn’t turn fan on, I had it set to maintain 24 degrees Celsius which is 75F. So one of my babies was looking a tad droopy, I watered cause they’d got soo dry & plugged fan in without that stupid thermostat. I emailed seller asking for refund & found a digital thermostat for same price & free delivery cause I picked up a fan speed controller too. I really hope I can pull this investment off because oh my I’ve spent a lot of money!



After yesterdays experience with over heating my seedlings I remembered where room thermometer was & checked temps. Wow cannabis really is a hardy weed, yikes temps have been higher than I thought, measured 29degrees Celsius & I got it down to 25degrees Celcius - optimum is 24 which is roughly 75F. I’m feeling soo impatient to set-up grow tent, mostly because I want my plants to survive. It was only this time last week my partner gave me the go ahead to get serious about growing, so it’s only been a week since I ordered them so I shld just calm my britches & have some spots with my hot knives.
These seedlings are so far surviving my initial ignorance but thankfully I’m learning more & more, especially being here & Thanks to Robert Bergmans grow bible :green_heart::seedling:


Interesting how the clay pots absorb some of the water, I’m starting to think I should transplant as soon as the 3 gallon smart pots turn up, as I found a small root growing out the bottom already.

I’m not sure these two are even the same strain anymore, bag seed I thought all came from same cannabis, but ones light green & the other slightly darker green, ones got thin light coloured stem & the other slightly thicker with a hint of red stripe. Or could I have a male & female growing?

Well they’re still alive so far so good lol Stay medicated & peceful everyone :green_heart::seedling::peace_symbol:


I am growing 2 ILGM White Widow autos, 2 ILGM Gold leaf, and 4 bag seed ( the guy I got them from said they were some kinda Mexican stuff. 2 of the bag sees look like they are heavy on the sativa side and 2 look like they are some kind of combo of indica and sativa. Kind of excited to see what I end up with with those though. They definitely came out of the same bag but the bud in there looked like a couple of buys had been compressed into one bud, different effect from different parts of the bud.