My first ever grow

Well I almost gave up but my ak47 auto popped out two days ago and has been growing crazy fast I’m super excited

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My first grow room set up 7 crap bud seeds 1 ak47 auto

This damn thing tricked me no clue what it is or how it got there

Day 4 after germination 9 hours before this picture I gave up I went to clean the room out I seen my auto popped up

Couple hours later after I seen it pop out the soil she (hopefully) is growing fast

These two pics are today 1 more hour till the lights shut off

why are you shutting off lights now you have a spout lights on


O I should keep lights on 24 7 I thought 18 6

I always use a 24/0 cycle with a few exceptions…

  1. to slow my veg Garden down because space in my flower garden isn’t available

  2. to let the plants rest if they’ve had some type of trama

  3. to conserve electricity particularly in peak hours

  4. heat in the summer (which is not an issue for me personally)

…in my opinion, if you shut your garden down for 6 hours a day you slow your growth by about 25%.

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Ty I will keep it on I don’t have a timer yet anyways so that helps out lol

Actually study has shown its best to give them some darkness. But everyone has there preference that works for them. @Majiktoker knows more then i can might help. I would suggest to keep lights close for now so the little guy doesn’t stretch for light. Looks like led light i don’t know much about, but that’s super exciting it popped up before you gave up. Now your hooked lol congrats and happy growing

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Yes I talked to majiktoker like 9 hours before it popped and he said it will be OK it will pop out soon and there it was in the morning lol I trust everything he says

I understand there are studies both pro and con J.

I base my opinion on 10+ years experience, not seemingly contradicting studies

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I run my lights 24/7 from time they sprout too the time i go to 12/12 short life cycle no time to rest lol :v: just my 2 cents :v:

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