My first ever grow - Purple Bud Autos

This is my first ever grow using Purple Bud autos from White Label Seeds.
The feminized seed was germinated using wet tissue method and was placed in a rapid rooter on 8th July.
Plant is 10 days old now.
I am using organic soil and the plant is in my outdoor balcony under a 23w CFL lamp.
Currently i keep the CFL light on for 16 hours and water it once a day.
I have not invested in a grow tent or UV lights as they are not accessible easily in my location.
Since this is my first time, i am looking for some help and tips to ensure the plant remains healthy and flowers eventually.


First off Welcome to ILGM and good luck with your grow man. This hobby is addictive and the site even more so. Full of great people with amazing advice.

How many hours of direct daylight could she receive daily?


Thank you.
She can receive 8 hours of sunlight daily. Its monsoon season where i live and is overcast mostly.

This is the closest to a grow light i can get in my location.
I do plan to buy a Viparspectra when i travel,
Right now this is my only option and i am not sure if this will make any difference. Made in China.

Its advertised as:
106 Leds Grow Light E27 Ac85-265V Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Lamp For Plants


@TheDuke1 The photo suggests it has two LED types, it could be that they are of different spectrum but I doubt it. How is the seedling coming along?

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Against all odds my girl is now 1 month old. TBH i didn’t expect to get this far.
She has not been getting enough sunlight due to overcast conditions but i try and keep her our everyday under the sun during the day and get her back indoors in the evenings.
I think the growth is slow but since this is my first time, i just want her to flower and eventually harvest.

Lately, i have noticed a few brown spots on a set of leaves. The plant looks healthy otherwise.
Does anyone know what the brown spots on the leaves may be and if its an issue?

Here is how she looks otherwise:

Sorry took so long to reply. Looks like maybe you wasted a bit of nuted water on the leaves before daytime. The nutes (to my understanding) cook the leaf a bit. Not anything to worry about unless it begins to spread. She looks good though

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50 days since the seed was planted.
The purple bud has started to bloom.
The plant looks a bit short but I am hoping it will grow a bit more in size.
Here are a few pics.



@PurpNGold74 @JackHerer

Wow! That is a lovely pheno! Already showing shades of purple. That gurl is definitely gonna be Bud Of The Month worthy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

bud of the month :slight_smile:
She is only 13 inches tall.
I hope she grows a bit more though.

Noooooo! Please remove that link. Its the competition

But for a 1 footer she looks damn fine

done. sorry didnt know bout the competition. :smiley:

Lol dude its perfectly fine. I did it too :joy::joy: cant remember who. But thats how i found out the guys with red circles are mods. Will be checking the strain out tho. List is getting extensive. I may have to categorize my grows like with a duey decimal system