My First Ever Grow. Of auto's first ever plant


thought i should upload a coupe of pics and findout what you all think. @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady @EiffelSmoker @3high5you @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @AmnesiaHaze @daz49 @garrigan65 . This has confused me this is my oldest and was doing the best at one point and now she isnt even 30cm tall but she is looking nice and fat getting if only she was a couple feet taller like that lol. But i live and learn i know were i went wrong with her and i am lucky that it was only her. Just a shame if i had all the right info to start and i wouldve had her in a smart pot from the start. Oh well. Anyway opinions please. Thanks.


Big size doesn’t mean big quality, you could be surprised if you find out this plant has a better taste than the others!
You’ll do better next time no worries, this is not a “mistake” from you, just a little development delay because of the few things she missed at the beginning, but from what I see, your plant rocks :wink:


Got a little issue well i think its huge my issue is my ph pen is bust now i have already ordered one but it might not be here in time any ideas or what should or could i do if my new pen isnt here in the next day or 2. Any help will be greatly appreciated. They will be due a feed soon am letting them dry out a bit before i feed them soil meter still reading am ok for a day or so. But if i need to feed the girls how can i do it without my Ph pen. ??? @bob31


Any pet stores nearby? @Mikos they have small pH test kits for aquariums? You could use that. Or have you tested your water previously? If you use the same source, and the same nutes, you should be able to use the same adjustments to get it close enough? If you haven’t kept track then go anywhere they see tropical fish and they will have an inexpensive kit.


Thanks. Not as simple as tht but thanks anyway bob. I will sort it i hope


Hey brother how u did u sort the ph pen also she look good cant for mines to look like that bless


bro i still got pollen of kosher kush if yr think of breeding jst let us knw bless


Cheers @Shuggz no still waiting on a new pen i just hope it comes sooner. I ordered it just incase i needed a spare one turns out i needed it sooner tht expected lol. I am hoping it comes tomz. If not then i might be able to squeeze a couple of extra days if i let them dry out totaly before a feed. But once i do have it all sorted i will record and measure everything so i can make up a feed or water without a ph pen or meter.


yeah bro i was going to say that cause after i have put my nutes in the ph is bang on 6 for me so if my pen messes on me i knw wen i make fresh one the ph will be 6 so i take it u didnt do that b4 not good i bet yr makin notes now good bless
bro wat u think if i put 3 of mines in the clone tent now i got that light bak in there and leave the 5 in the big one


I am kicking myself and the worst thing is i would have all that info but another bit of bad luck caused me to mess up the numbers. So this was going to be the first feed they all got
together without any other issue etc and i needed all the numbers ph ppm run off amounts of nutes what nutes etc. Now i need to pray my new pen comes tomz or sooner lol.


@Mikos they can go a lot longer without water than you think. I wouldn’t worry as soon as they need water the leaves will start to droop. My bet is that they will be fine till your new pen arrives.


bro @Mikos one time is not going to hurt jst leave till pen comes and get the other liquid one for times like this and now thatz wat im doin 2moro also u can jst give plain rain water i sure u can miss one nute feed u will be good blessd


@Mikos…beautiful pics beautiful girls…your doing a great job!



Why are you complaining for. I would have had entered her in the Bud of the Month contest instead of complaining about what she could have been,
She looks looks awesome to me



Thanks i just thought she is pretty small in comparison to the other plants she is growing with. Butvthen thats why i post and ask for opions so that i know if am doing things right and also to figure out were i went or were i am going wrong. But thank you for the compliment @garrigan65. I guess the need for reassurance comes with a poor up bringing and making mistakes wasnt allowed anyway thanl you


When do i know when i should start to flush my girls. Should i start to flush before the pistels are amber or do i start flushing them. The one in the pic is changing its pistils now. I was thinking one or 2 more feeds before i start to harvest. But am just not sure when thy are to be harvested. Can anyone tell me how you know when to flush your plants before harvest. All info and help and advice greatly welcomed. @garrigan65 @bob31 @Shuggz @EiffelSmoker @3high5you @Donaldj



This should set the record stright:f you wait until you see amber trichomes you may be too late. If you gave your plants eight gallons of water and then just plain water when needed the final two weeks I would consider that a very good flush. By the final two weeks your plants have everything they need to finish in top form. By just giving plain water the plant will take needed nutrients from the leaves which is what you want. A good way to tell if you flushed properly is after the cure the ash will be light in color and consistency. If the smoke has trouble staying lit, sparks or if the ash is dark and clumps of it will not burn up then you are smoking fertilizer and the flush was not a good one. I like to harvest when the soil is dry as I do believe the resin production is up and also the herb will dry faster on the line. I have not used a flushing agent and think RO or distilled water should work just fine although there may be situations where using a flushing agent is beneficial such as when using chemical fertilizers.


Nothing more to add from what garrigan65 said!
In Soil, you need to anticipate enough the flush to make sure you won’t harvest with too dark trichomes, because you’ll need to flush for 2 weeks in order to make sure all the salts left the plant and substrate.

Indeed,regarding the type of nutrients you used, with the minerals that contaminate more the soil than the organics, you may need a flush product like Flawless Finish (Advanced Nutrients), or Final Flush (Grotek), even though water can be enough if you poor it at the right time. If you work organically, only water will be enough.


53 days gone another 20 or so to go so i probs start to flush next week hopefully the girls will get enough out of the leaves over the nxt couple weeks. Av got one with 10days younger so i will concentrate on makingsure she turns out nice frosty and fat.


One advice, just in case, if you use bug killers or any insect/fungus-fighting spray product, you should also stop using them before the flush! :wink:

Besides, if you still have 20 days, you can begin to flush in 5 days without problems.