My First Ever Grow. Of auto's first ever plant


@bob31 @Kapelady @3high5you @EiffelSmoker @garrigan65 @daz49 @Sirsmokes @Shuggz. Thought i should tag someone yous that have helped me get this far i am very grateful.


Everyone in the garden looks great @Mikos

Glad I could be of service!


@Mikos…when it comes to the nutes…cut the amount in half that the instructions on your nutes suggest! It’s a good rule of thumb!


@Mikos…everyone here is very helpful and useful when it comes to asking certain questions. Some of us have been at this for a long time and others are just beginners. I consider myself a beginner since I am in my 3rd grow. But I can tell you this, I am comfortable in what I am doing already and that is from the experts here who have been so helpful during my 1st and 2nd grows!


I don’t know if it is the picture or me, but it seems that the leaves are going a little down in general no? If so, because your plant looks still green, it can be just a light overwatering problem, so let the soil dry good before doing the next irrigation, in order to see if the leaves are keeping it up

This advice is just in case you also have the feeling that your leaves look at the ground, but in general, all good man!


Thanks they always look tht way after they been fed for a day or 2 but i was thinking of doing tht and then giving one of my girls a good flush if she still so stumpy. However i dont think the small one will get much taller however she might fill out a bit and be one big cola. Had a couple of issue with my older two so my youngest one is doing great but then i am doing everything right with her so as long as i get my target then the other half will be happy and i get to spend money on better equipment etc. This FIRST grow was an experiment for me to see if i can do it so that i can grow a certain type for my disabled partner. I was given a small budget and told if i can get a certain amount out of one grow then i will get better equipment etc for growing. I also have my own reason for doing this aswell but most important one is so that i can help the person i love lead as much as a pain and stress free life for as long as i can. Sorry bit of a rant there. I kind of wear my heart on my sleave and am an open book. Anyway this experience i am having during this time has been amazing and as much as this was only an experiment i have grown very much into growing but not just medicine. This experience has truely been an eye opener and ive ment some fablous and great people with vast amounts of knowledge on growning. So thank you all very much.


nice mate very nice so wer in the uk are u then :grin: a @Mikos


North of the border @Shuggz . Wat about you were about you from.


@Mikos bro im up by the south east jst on the outside of london but it all good wer north of the boarder of wales, midlands, scotland


@Shuggz Just outside newcastle my friend.


Nice my friend blessd :+1::ok_hand::hugs:


@bob31 can i ask you about molasses and if its any good or not. Whats your views. And anyone else care to tell me there thoughts and views or even better if you use it personally please dont be shy tell me what you know and if i should use it.???


@mikos I tried it once and I switched to commercial nutrients.

Here is a blog that talks about using molases and epsom salts. Hope it helps!


Thanks i guess am just trying to makesure i get the best yeild i can got to get atleast 90gram from all 3 or more to be able to do this again or i wont be able to get to do it if i cant get the 90gram then i dont get to have a 2nd grow. As i am told it takes up to much of my time so unless i get my target there wont be a 2nd grow :sob: and i am already looking for next strain and new equipment for my girls nxt time round. @bob31 i do hope i can get tht target but i am so unsure now as i have seen alot and heard alot of stories tht basically tells me that until u have actually harvested and cure then anything can mess up or affect the final yeild. Only 3 to 4 wks or there about left so fingers and toes crossed. Lol


You are using the bio-biz nutrients @Mikos you should have everything you need there. Are you following the chart and did you ever get the runoff TDS? Remember ph to 5.8 or close to that.

I read a lot of grows, so I’d like to just double check you.

When did you start flowering. (Flowering for most strains takes 8 weeks or more)

They look pretty good in the pics you posted 4 days ago!

Also I see someone recommend you cut your nutrient dosages. Please don’t do this. There is a misunderstanding among some growers that use heavily enriched soils. When they start nutrients they are advised to add nutrients at percentages so they don’t nute burn their plants. They then do these for one or two feedings before going full dosage.

Here is a sample report you could post. This would be of tremendous help if you run into problems and it will also help you. Most of this can be copied/ pasted from week to week as the numbers should stay close or you can just plug in the correct numbers.


Grow Journal Update 11/11/2017

Plant 1 is a xx in xx soil in xx soft pot
Plant 2 is a xx in xx soil in xx soft pot

Fed Plants today

Used Tap water and let it sit out for 48 hours. pH of XX TDS of XX

Added XX nutrient per week XX of the chart

Checked Nutrient mix and pH of XX and TDS of XX

Adjusted Ph to XX

Gave xx liters of nutrients to plant 1

Gave xx liters of nutrients to plant 2

Made the veg nutrients for little plants ph xx tds xx

Runoff ph xx and tds xx of plant 1

Runoff ph xx and tds xx of plant 2


@Mikos…you are a very endearing person for thinking of your partner’s health! I grow for medicinal purposes also and my first grow was a bit of an experiment but I was able to get the weed I needed! However, I think the most important piece of equipment that you can get is the lighting and I got mine at Amazon for around $70.00 - best investment I made and I returned the lighting system that I had been using and was not as good as the one I got from Amazon…check out threads especially beginner threads to get the name …I’m trying to think but am at a loss as to what it is called but someone told me …oh Mars Hydro something that’s what it is called and someone on my first beginner thread told me the name. Lighting is very important! So start there if you don’t have that yet. Take pics each week so that you can see the growth and post on your thread so that if there are any problems everyone can pitch in and help you! Again, you sound wonderful…wish I had someone in my life like you!


Thanks @Kapelady


@bob31 thanks i havent had the chance to do my run as if you recall i dropped my tds meter and so ordered 2 and now have them ready for next time and have discovered tht the tds meters i have arent the same and there reading are very different i have ran tests on the meters and one is right and one is wrong yet unsure which. And idea how i can test the pens to see which is right and which is wrong.


use the easy way is to test something that will have a known TDS value. I usually just use the 1500 ppm TDS Test Solution

It is good practice to test/ calibrate any meters you use. There is also fluid for pH meters if you don’t already have some. I test both of my meters frequently!

As always, these are just examples to clarify what we are referring to!


Thank you @bob31.